Removing Spyware and Malware from a Windows PC Using Spybot Search and Destroy

Info Level: Beginner Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy Date Created: January 16, 2012 Length of Class: 43 Minutes Tracks Computer Security /Integrity Computer …

20 thoughts on “Removing Spyware and Malware from a Windows PC Using Spybot Search and Destroy

  1. Hi Eli.
    Can you help me please about Tea timer?

    Now they changes the option on Select Additional Task and I am confuse
    which one to uncheck..

    1 Schedule regular system scan
    2 schedule regular immunization refreshes
    3 schedule regular update


    1 Integrate into Explorers AutoPlay for new devices
    2 Integrate all into Explorers context menu

    This is the new Additional tasks when I install spybot.

    Thanks Eli.

  2. I am using windows 7 and I can only go on safe mode, safe mode with
    internet, and safe mode with command prompt.

  3. Hi Eli, great video as are they all, just a comment I use windows 8.1, and
    the F-8 for safe mode doesn’t work with that, there are several ways to get
    there, like reboot holding town the Down shift key, or trying in msconfig
    and choosing boot and rebooting and it will come back on safe mode…cheers
    Fred UK.

  4. We already know that the NSA worked closely with Microsoft and got a
    widely-used platform (internationally) with back doors it has exclusive
    access to, which basically means that Microsoft Windows is a Trojan horse
    for the NSA. Just remember where Linux is being developed. It’s the same
    country as Microsoft and Apple.

  5. every time I this one V
    except this one, weird) I get blocked Like trying to remove remote hacker
    or spy I ware I get blocked on my YouTube screen. I can see the selected
    one for a second then it goes to “error occurred” try later _ I know I’ve
    hacked because on YouTube user showed us how to go into the black
    screen, and I saw several remote users France and US Etc. HOW DO I GET
    RID OF THEM!??? Please help me, thank you

  6. Eli has anyone ever told you about the song Eli’s Coming by “Three Dog
    Night” give it a listen when you have the chance. I have to say you have
    made a new friend here. Thanks for your work. Hope you are making something
    with You Tube

  7. No spyware and malware are always bad, you know nothing you stinking idiot
    my dad has been fixing and putting together pcs since the 1980’s and passed
    on his teaching so get a life and malwarebytes antimalware all spybot
    search and destroy does is infects your pc and then next time you scan it
    detects the threats and destroys them then one or two hours later when you
    least suspect it the program infects your pc with the same exact threats it
    removed all over again. don’t fall for this phony guy is shit he is simply
    advertising malware for money as a scam. however he is correct about pups
    and updating your antivirus. However my dad works for trend micro. Both me
    and my dad have had over 20 years experience and yes even got around nasty
    rogues and deleted them all with ccleaner and rkill and malwarebytes
    antimalware and mwcleaner. the best place to get rkill is which has been a trusted site since 2002 and still
    remains so today.
    besides in the year 2004 spybot S&D installed itself into my laptop without
    my permission.

  8. Hi. I just bought yr subscription of spy-bot for $14.00. My windows shows
    that my XP does not have shield. I do have all spy-bot
    functions working..including immunization. ???? I now have yellow
    shield..because I notified that I am running virus protection. Should I be

  9. Hi Eli, I have 55. I bought one notebook from one friend of mine who left
    this country, and 1 week a go apeared on my notebook 1 notice”Window is not
    gennuin”. I don’t know what meens, but I think is with no licence. Is it
    true? In all this time the internet acces is blockedd. So please tel me
    what can I do? I pay a lot for my friend, if you understand here one salary
    is 150-200 euro.

  10. Eli, you my friend are the MAN! I can not thank you enough for all your
    help! I’m 28 and very new to cleaning and maintaining my PC. I will look to
    you for many weeks ahead to become more computer inclined. 

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