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25 thoughts on “Top 10 Protein Sources, Healthy Vegetarian & Meat Foods, Weight Loss Nutrition Tips | Health Coach

  1. You might want to mention how vegetarian sources of protein aren’t digested
    as well as animal meats. Hence why vegan bodybuilder vegans struggle so

  2. Beans/Grains
    Diary (1% fat milk, skim milk, fat-free or low fat cottage cheese)
    Chicken/Egg whites (I personally don’t like the yolk much, only eat some of
    Beef (I eat the cheap beef majorly though aka burgers)/sometimes pork aka
    pepperoni & sausages
    Vegs (I eat much vegs but I presume they have low protein)

  3. HI Corrina, I am from India and all the stuff we get is natural as the milk
    we get is from cow owners and me make yogurt from that and the fish we eat
    is mostly river caught and i have been following psychetruth for awhile to
    lose weight and its has a helped me and in an other video i saw you telling
    about coconut water we get this from the trees in our garden , so i guess i
    will be losing weight and gaining strength faster. do reply on this

  4. AIM International(Nutrition, Opportunity, Success).

    “When I wake up in the morning, nutrition is the first thing that’s on my
    mind. What am I going to put into my body that is going to help me through
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    a longer period of time.

    AIM ProPeas is an all-natural vegetarian protein source made from field
    peas. Unlike whey and soy protein, pea protein is not a major allergen. As
    such, it provides an alternative to most mainstream, animal protein sources
    that are high in fats and bad cholesterol.

  5. I guess you haven’t read the China study, I would recommend you to read
    that n never would u advice any1 to have animal proteins.. Be it meat, milk
    or cheese..

  6. Good video , lol i am watching this video while i am cooking my dinner (egg
    white,mushrooms,red pepper,onion)

  7. Yes but aren’t amino acids assimilated already AFTER the animal (cow), has
    eaten them through grasses and grains??? I also thought that many
    nutrients become useless after exposure to temps obove 115F????? I don’t
    recommend second hand “dead” proteins. 

  8. I stopped eating meat last year and I’ve become a pescatarian. I LOVE
    Spinach, its my favorite protein source along with asparagus. 

  9. Are canned beans particularly bad for you? Are they less nutritious than
    dried beans? I basically live off of canned beans, such as pinto, black,
    and kidney beans. I would like to look into soaking beans and taking that
    little bit of extra time to prepare meals, and save some money. But I
    haven’t had the motivation to do it yet. So, is there really any good
    reason to?

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