Team Sports V.S individual sports

I own no rights to the music played in this video or the pictures in the video. Songs are made by the orgionall artist. There is no copyright intinded in the…

Some milestones will never be repeated. Join as we continue our series of the Greatest Sports Records by counting down our picks for…
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14 thoughts on “Team Sports V.S individual sports

  1. I find it funny that they said they want to represent all games evenly yet
    they’re not even showing the most popular ones…

  2. Micheal Jordan’s undefeated at the finals 6-0 never lost and none of the
    games went to seven or Floyd Mayweather undefeated for 7 straight yrs and
    he’s still undefeated or Bruno Samartino holding the WWE Championship for 2

  3. The pitching records will not likely be broken because of the layoffs these
    pitchers have now. They pitch once every 3 games, Cy Young was more than
    likely pitching 2 of 3 if not 3 of 3 games.

  4. yes, because of course only American sports have [email protected] you
    fucking SUCK. come back when you realize the USA lives in a world of other
    nations. arseholes, seriously. these retards in charge of this channel are
    major ARSEHOLES. 

  5. Should be mentioned, boxer Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins holds 3 world
    records in boxing. 1# Oldest man ever to win a recognised world title belt
    at age 48 (2013) and the 2nd oldest as well with age 46 (2011), 2# Longest
    reign as world champion with 11 years (1994-2005), 3# Most middleweight
    world title defences with 20 defences. 4# Tied 2nd place pound for pound
    with title defences, tied with Larry Holmes 20 made (1978-1985).

  6. Most of these “records” are “unbreakable” just because no one beisdes
    americunts likes to play handegg or baseboringball.

  7. Jeter had no chance to catch Rose anyway, but as he is going into his last
    season Pete is safe. List should include Ripkin’s consecutive game streak.

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