Channel Update and Current Events

Channel Update and Current Events http://just…

22 thoughts on “Channel Update and Current Events

  1. Airsoft > Paintball. No bright colored motocross looking outfits, more
    realistic looking gun replicas(airsoft guns actually use a magazine instead
    of the retarded hopper), and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue(inb4twss) on
    the clothes you wear while playing. Not to mention depending on what brand
    of gun/gear you buy, it’s one hell of a lot cheaper than paintball. Just my
    2 cents. I’m not trying to bash paintball at all, I’m just giving my
    opinion :).

  2. ik this is going to make me sound like a whiteboy7thst fanboy but u only
    let positive comments stay on the comment section

  3. @WoodysGamertag you’re welcome Woody! just speaking the truth of how i feel
    about being a long time subscriber to you 🙂

  4. @judgefudge1337 he didn’t smack talk woody.but if you’re talking about
    twitter, then no, he didnt mean anything by it. he post the 2nd part

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