Is Tony Robbins Illuminati? The Self-Help Motivational Guru

Is Tony Robbins, the motivational guru, Illuminati? Video by Mark Dice. Check out The Illumi…

17 thoughts on “Is Tony Robbins Illuminati? The Self-Help Motivational Guru

  1. everything you say in this vid is the same exact concept as the ‘law of
    attraction’ dude. Why cant people see the similarities in all teachings
    instead of making up separations. The law of attraction and what Toni
    teaches is the same as Christ teachings too, the famous “you reap what you
    sow” quote…….

  2. Robbins has helped me tremendously also. Unlimited power is one of the
    greatest books ever written. I have all of his books, audio programs and
    I’ve attended his live UPW seminar.

    What do you think about the commercial he’s in with Kobe Bryant, it seems
    to have a lot of the symbolism you talk about, I’d like your take on it?

  3. In order to make hundreds of millions in any industry today, you have to
    join and be part of the Brotherhood by becoming a mason or a member of a
    satanic weekend group. It’s just how it works in the New World Order
    kingdom because everything mainstream is under control. Basically anything
    that makes a lot of money will eventually have masons controlling it. So
    they do rituals like gay sex and basic masonic rites on a regular basis,
    which after the person can continue with his career whether it’s acting or
    motivational speaking. It’s just business to make sure everybody is in the
    same boat.

  4. Oh and the sweat lodge nonsense…I know a number of members died in
    these… Tony Robbins definitely appears to be a cult leader.

  5. It works if you dont live in Bangladesh.If you live on an Island alone,even
    if you think very strongly that you will meet somebody it wont happen.We
    are still living in a physical world.I believe in positive thinking.BTW
    Mark ,the elite want us to be happy in our slavery,that I call
    brainwashed.Remember the song from Nine Inch Nails Happiness in slavery.

  6. Yeah Tony Started from something then became something .. Lol that guy is
    thinking of that movie Shallow Hal … Lmao

  7. this is really stupid and pointless.. tony robbins is a motivational
    speaker who constantly mentions god and his faith, he doesnt ask people to
    follow him or try and impress his beliefs upon them. He helps people find
    the power they have in themselves to reach their goals. Ive listened to all
    his CDs and hav watched almost all of his videos. he only helps people and
    thats all he wants to do. he is not illuminati, if you want to talk about
    the actual illuminati check out rappers

  8. My goodness your stupid, Tony has found a way years ago to willing get
    people to give him their money,if you think it`s about anything else you
    really are stupid. The con really does work and people have used it for
    years, he`s just perfected the art

  9. tony robbins was in the illuminati tv commercial for kobe bryant nike shoes
    with kanye west and others check it out

  10. Are you clearly working for the Mark Dice movement illuminati whore idiot
    trying to defend Mark Dice your also helping him brain wash everyone

  11. He shows you how they do it, because he does the same thing and knows how
    it works. you have no idea how illuminati work and who they are. Illuminati
    use NLP.. and they aren’t all negative assholes, they are very

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