World Class Luxury Travel – Switzerland

Zermatt is the location for some of the best skiing on this planet… check out the igloo too in this fantastic World Class episode.

15 thoughts on “World Class Luxury Travel – Switzerland

  1. … Zermatt is fabulous. but personally I prefer a nice meal and a glass of
    wine early evening by Lake Geneva

  2. Wow more cocaine reference than Rupelstiltskin by Adam Vieth. Gotta love
    those Shottsville College Germanics (Notre Dame) for their work on Ess Six
    by Enote Junction Garrison Indiana China and Rumpelstilskin. “Whats he Clay
    aiken take the speen up!” nothing against the singer just the character in
    the book is dead asleep.

  3. Switzerland is a great country but in this documentary, most of the time
    was spent on the Zermatt and the hotel there rather than on swiss
    tourism… Wish if they could have provided some insight of swiss tourism
    also… as I am planning to be there….

  4. I am from Bulgariq.Very tank’s for this movie.I be hepiest women living in
    so beautiful and mervelous Bulgariq.

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