Plans To Fix Xbox 360 Best Xbox Console Repair Guide Fix Xbox360 RROD! step by step guide, safest, easiest and quickest way 100% guaranteed ( fix Xbox 360 Red Ring Of Death ) Do you… – How to open up the Nintendo Wii to repair various components such as the CD Drive.

15 thoughts on “Plans To Fix Xbox 360 Best Xbox Console Repair Guide

  1. +Powerbook Medic How easy is it to glue back on those white rubber things
    that you have to remove to reveal the screws? Would I need super glue or
    something, or is there already a super sticky film or something?

  2. Thanks for the video, I fixed our overheating Wii by tearing it down to the
    motherboard and cleaning everything out (heat sink had accumulated a lot of
    dust buildup). I was temporarily confused by a small squared off nut that
    seemed to appear out of nowhere but then realized it goes on the left side
    of the front black bracket (you can see it easily @ 10:27 as he’s starting
    to remove the screws from bracket) it’s what holds the clock battery in

  3. thanks your the best when i opened my wii there was some paper i took in
    out and then it was working i was so happy!

  4. Thank you SO much! This video was so clear & precise a child could follow
    it! It saved us a lot of money on repairing it. Since I was able to repair
    our Wii instead of replacing it, it also saved all of our game scores,
    Miis, etc. THANIK YOU! I did have to buy a Triwing screw driver which I got
    from Harbor Freight, however it was just a hair too short for 2 of the
    screws under the rubber feet but with a little ingenuity with some pliers I
    made it work. Mama’s back up & playing her Wii! 🙂 

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