American Sign Language – ASL Lesson 02

American Sign Language (ASL) Lesson 02 Learn ASL with Dr. Bill of! Free sign language lessons and instruction based on the ASL University curri…

12 thoughts on “American Sign Language – ASL Lesson 02

  1. Hello Kate, I’m asking Katelyn if “both” her sisters are married. I spell
    the word “both” to her and show her the “BOTH” sign. Then I confirm that
    both her sisters are married. — Dr. Bill p.s. A good place to learn or
    review๏ปฟ fingerspelling is at “” and a good place to practice reading
    fingerspelling is “” (just type “” into your address bar
    without the quotes and click enter. No need for the h t t p part of the

  2. Hello ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, a palm-forward “V” on the side of the forehead is my
    (current) name sign. When I was young my name sign was on the arm. Then for
    a while it was just B-I-L-L (which half the time ended up in the ILY
    handshape. Then in graduate school for my doctorate (in Deaf Education)
    Boley Seaborn tapped a V to the top of the head — making fun of my bald
    head, (which I actually prefer to having hair). Later, my colleagues at CSU
    Sacramento modified the name sign to the side of the head. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Your videos are great interaction learning. I wish I had a way of
    practicing BEFORE viewing the actual video so that I’d be more prepared. Is
    there a vocabulary list?

  4. just want to say ASL have helped me so much with communicating with my deaf
    friend. i just started to learn sign language but i am pretty good already
    thanks to these videos. one question how many videos do you have up??

  5. My son has down’s. Baby sign has served our purposes so far, but now we
    need more advanced communication skills. Just two of your videos have
    already really helped us. Thank You!!

  6. Hi Bill! Thank you sooo much for these videos. I practice on
    as well. With persistence I’m sure I can finish all of the lessons. I made
    it all the way up to 14 so far. Two weeks. I’m a pro! lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I wish you
    well in your future endeavors and again, thank you and have a great rest of
    the weekend!

  7. Thank you Bill for posting this series. I am hard of hearing and I am still
    losing my hearing so this will help me learn and teach my kids if the day
    ever comes that I cant hear. I wont have to read lips all the time

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