Resist The Tyranny Monday Chat ep:1 – Current Events In The U.S.

If you would like to be on the panel, please message me and I will send you the link before we start.

21 thoughts on “Resist The Tyranny Monday Chat ep:1 – Current Events In The U.S.

  1. I hear what you guys are saying. But as a fan of history, I see things
    differently. Example; Hitler had school shootings then claimed it would be
    safer if everyone register their guns. Another school shooting later,he
    called for confiscation of all guns “for the children”. Sound familiar?
    They haven’t even changed the play book. Sandy Hook was scheduled to be
    demolished,then it was again deemed safe. Even though they had the highest
    count of asbestos and lead paint.
    I know that the only way to change these laws is to debate them. But we
    must also keep in mind that we are the last generation with knowledge of
    what freedom was. Now we have ” free speech zones “? Its only going to get
    worse from here. 

  2. Matt great show… I saw u on An American Warning the last two wks as
    I’ve been awake for awhile now and im really trying to network and get
    involved…. there’s so much happening and i dont kno where to begin… im
    not really computer savey but I have a lot to get out and im up on whats
    going on… I have made some youtube videos but would like to get something
    started like what u and dave have..
    How do u set up those group chats? I Would definitely love to be apart of
    your chat but dont want to impose…on the other hand it would seem to make
    sense for ppl to come together instead of everyone running in their own
    direction with a program…. the hour is late and im just trying to get
    involved… GOD Bless brother….hope to hear back…

  3. Really good conversation. Again. Will try to join tonight if my satellite
    is working, suppose to get snow. Hillbilly out.

  4. everyone this is a must see chat every Monday at 7 PM EST time
    watch this video i am sure you’ll be there next Monday again 7 PM est

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