Collecting Tips 101: Tip #36 Strategy Guides – Are they Worth it?

They used to be necessary to figure out how to beat some games. Today, they are not nearly as required due to the internet; however, you may still want to bu… – Get it NOW! Zygor Guides – World Of Warcraft In-game Strategy Guides It’s only a few days now until the world is ri…
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40 thoughts on “Collecting Tips 101: Tip #36 Strategy Guides – Are they Worth it?

  1. Prima… good guides? Most guides from Prima have tons of errors i got one
    for animal crossing new leaf so i could catch all the bugs and fish, when i
    got it i checked it and there was soo many errors that i missed 4 fish that
    were in the month i played also it was really confusing

  2. i definitely agree about having guides being better than going online.going
    online and looking it up takes time and draws you out of the breaks
    the pace.better to have the books

  3. I love guides and need your opinion on something… I have been a bit
    behind on the Zelda guides but have preordered a Zelda Box Set of
    collectors guides (you may have heard of it)… they are only doing one run
    of it and are numbering them and including a signed certificate of
    authenticity. They are 6 hard cover guides, some that were never released
    in hardcover before but it is about £119.99 (i think actually about that in
    US which is kinda unfair on people in england but oh well)… it sounds
    like a lot of money but it sounds like this could go up in value a lot when
    they run out.. do you think it is worth it? It also comes in like a big
    treasure chest 

  4. Those guides are very well made but at the time of their release I was hard
    off financially and decided against them. I am jealous of yours 😛

  5. I have always preferred guides, its what i grew up using. it pisses me off
    some of the that i lost… *COUGH* (Wind Waker) *COUGH* especially if i
    have not beaten the game. I havent really started collecting yet, and these
    things are necessary. Sadly the 2 i need, Wind Waker and Pikmin 2, Are a
    pain in the ass to find…

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