Web Design Too Competitive?

http://www.mlwebco.com – In this video I talk about the idea of web design being too competitive for anyone to make a career.
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A Photoshop Web Design in 5 Minutes

Thought I’d record myself designing in Photoshop and then speed it up so you see the action take place in 5 minutes!

45 thoughts on “Web Design Too Competitive?

  1. Everyone told me the exact same thing, don’t get into it blah blah blah.
    After I made the decision to commit and go full time as a freelancer I
    landed my first client a week and a half later and I’ve been none stop busy
    for the past four months working on projects. There’s more work than I can
    keep up with!! Haha

  2. How do you deal with creativity blocks? Many times I don’t feel I’m good
    enough, especially when I look at people who are more experienced than I

  3. I think when people say this, a lot of time they are referring to websites
    that make “free websites” for businesses, or being able to hire
    designers/programmers in other countries for much much less. How do you
    reply to those talking about those situations?

  4. As long as there is bad design, and there´s lots of it everywhere, that
    long there will be a need for good designers.

  5. I’m always cautious of the pain period when picking up a new skill or habit
    but I’ve never actually been thankful for it’s putting me ahead. Thanks for
    the vid man

  6. You know you’re a true subscriber of Mike Locke when you already know what
    the “dip” is from one of his previous videos.

  7. In other words, embrace the grind. When I first started, I barely new
    anything. I was using the WYSIWYG editor in Dreamweaver. Today I customize
    WordPress themes, do some custom coding, and I’m a SEO guy. I’ve been
    interviewed by entrepreneur.com (see article at
    http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/228170), and I’ve been told by my leads that
    they called me because they were looking for some of the best web designers
    in Atlanta. Web design and development definitely is a skill that can’t be
    learned overnight.

    Great video, Mike!

  8. Man I am at the bottom of that “dip” but I keep practicing and adding to my
    portfolio when I can.. Thanks for the inspiration Mike!

  9. Legendary Mentor drops Legendary Knowlegde on how to succeed. Very true
    Mike, people from my college fell off because they hated the coding part of
    it or mocking sites up.

  10. OMG, in 20 minutes i will have my first web design meeting to work in a
    project. I am so nervous :(. But watching this make me ease a little. Thank

  11. You are so right with this statement, there is always room for another to
    try and either fail or succeed.

  12. Mike, I enjoyed the video, but I don’t feel like it really answered the
    question. You basically said that not everyone who tries web design will
    stick with it and succeed at it. But how does that help if there’s already
    a lot of people who have stuck with it and gotten good at it, hence the
    markets become saturated?

  13. hum how do you upload that to the web, with a server? and the html has to
    be assign to the individual image links??

  14. A Photoshop Web Design in 5 Minutes … from friend, Adobe’s Paul Trani.
    After watching this video, I just want to cry… about all of the stuff I
    do not know how to do with Photoshop.

  15. Actually seing this video make me laught !!! My gosh , I was strugling with
    templates and designs, and never getting what i want, But you made it soo
    easy, and funny … I’m in love , tks a lot !!! defintely +100000 

  16. How do you make those picture frame things around 2:45 (the ones with the
    white border)? More specifically the image is only visible inside the white
    frame and you can still move it around and stuff. Sorry it’s 3am I might
    not be making sense

  17. Nice job..A suggestion to speed things up even faster, why not do the
    entire layout in Dreamweaver and just do the graphics in Fireworks and
    export..Save’s half the time, no slicing needed..Just a thought, because I
    used to design like this but now I do 75% of the work in dreamweaver..

  18. That was impressive. I finally broke down and bought Photoshop to do
    exactly this… but spent about an hour last night trying to figure out how
    to fill my ovals =). Baby steps

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