Amazing South America

We created this video during four years of travelling through South America. Take your time and watch it all. You will be surprised about what this amazing c…

Top Ten Things To Do in South America presented by Donna Salerno Travel Ecuador – Galapagos Peru – Machu Picchu Chile – Santiago, History, Wine, Volcanoes an…

10 thoughts on “Amazing South America

  1. Someone asked for the song of Patagonia. Well, it is from José Larralde
    from his album A las 11 menos cuarto.

  2. I feel like I travel here. This trip very informative and I realy happy
    that I could see this video and I give my hour for this amazing trip. Tack
    så mycke (thank you very much).

  3. What a great video. Thanks for sharing it. Those must have been really
    amazing four years. We are planning our first trip to South America and
    were looking for some inspiring videos of other travelers, and found this.
    Wow. P.S. I was so happy to hear my all-time favorite song at 46:40.

  4. I’ll provide free housing in Necochea, Argentina (google it) for everyone
    who want it. The only thing I ask is a musical instrument as a reward. Just

  5. Viva o Chilean-Vihnos.Long Live Chilean Wines & Vineyards. I have tasted &
    tried some Chilean Wines of”GATO Negro, Shiraz-Wines uphere in L.C.B.O.
    CANADA,Ontario Whineries & Vineyards”. I myself are a Vineyard Wine Grapes
    Producer of Wines of Southern,Ontario,CANADA Wines-Grapes Vineyards from
    May 1st to October 31st CANADA Summers of the”Golden Horsehoe”.I love
    Brava-Bravia-BRASIL Wines too! I like “Chilean-Shiraz Wines, Brasilian
    Chiraz-Suvgyenoux Wines,Burgundy Wines etc. NEVER drive after”!

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