Cisco IP Phone Ringtones

Playing with my phone at the office. Cisco does not know how to make decent ringtones. Good phones though!

Showing you guys how to get free music on you’re android smart phones.

26 thoughts on “Cisco IP Phone Ringtones

  1. Deadpan voice, selections of horrible ringtones. Quite funny. How come this
    video doesn’t have more views?

  2. on my spa525g I use the Office ringtone (the one known from RobotChicken or
    as I heard, more commonly from 24 that Jack Bauer is using) :-P

  3. Random fact: Cisco paid for product placement in The Office for close-up
    shots of the phones and use of the ringers (Chirp 1, to be exact).

    Props to the “chime” tone as it’s the one I’ve chosen and is the least
    grating. We like to change coworkers’ phones to the “are you there?”
    though when they go on vacation so they have a nice surprise to come back

  4. At work I often put my colleagues phone on the female “Are you there?” and
    max the volume. Scares the shit out of him in the morning when he gets his
    first phone call.

  5. Thanks I been looking for a new ringtone maker hope this one works because
    the last one I had I can no longer find

  6. Me too, but I think this is a new version of the same one we had that we
    haven’t been able to find!

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