Narrated a story for National Geographic in Bengali language

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This video is a Bangla or Bengali Language tutorial Video. It will help you to learn Bangla or Bengali conversation as well if you know English because the v…

23 thoughts on “Narrated a story for National Geographic in Bengali language

  1. Hey Love The Video, However Can You Please Explain Why There Are So Many
    Letters That Represent Pretty Much The Same Sound – Such As শ, ষ, স. Plus I
    swear Hroshoikar And Dirghoikar etc. Are Pronounced The Same Anyway In
    Normal Speech, So Why Are There 2 Of Each Of The Same Vowel Sounds In The
    Bengali Inventory?

  2. Yes,like “Poochondo nay che” in urdu we say “Pasand” instead of
    “Poochondo”,yesterday i went to Bangladeshi shop and had Rice and
    Fish,typical food,i loved it a lot,Thanks for good wishes,i wish all the
    best to you also brother 😀

  3. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhahhahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahhahahahahaaa
    !!! Go ti banka desh ??? where are you from dear Samir? LOL

  4. Leave him,he’s just another illiterate and stupid in this world,i like zour
    channel,i was looking for someone who could teach me some bangali so my
    friend gave me your channel i hope to learn a little bit 🙂

  5. I just found your channel today, I want to start learning Bengali so I can
    bridge the gap betwen myself and my developer in india 🙂 thanks very much
    this is definitely helping!

  6. Thank you for your comment. You seem to be a positive person. Brother may I
    know what is your first language and your nationality? I am curious. Good
    luck with your Bangla learning.

  7. Before I came to Bangladesh two years ago,many of my friends said don’t go
    to Bangladesh.There was a lot negative comments from them,but I ignored all
    the negative thinking.I went there to visit my friends and his
    family.Today,i am very proud to tell my friends how happy I am while I was
    in Bangladesh.To me it is a sweet memory the rest of my life.May Allah help
    this country and the people of Bangladesh.

  8. Hi!, thanks for this video tutorials, it’s really good and very easy to
    learn, past one year and half year i am in search of such online tutorial,
    but ultimately found the one needed. Can we have more videos? If already
    exists, then i need those links Donnobad

  9. Thank you for the reply. Nice to know about you. I understand Urdu little
    bit, thought not good at speaking. I love Pakistani food. Urdu has a lot of
    similarities with Bangla. In Sha Allah you will be able to. Good luck

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