(Updated!) Top 3 Video Editing Software | 2014 | Updated Version!

(Updated!) Top 3 Video Editing Software | 2014 | Updated Version!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

43 thoughts on “(Updated!) Top 3 Video Editing Software | 2014 | Updated Version!

  1. Well of course adobe after effects and sony vegas are the best video
    editors. I want to find something that’s free.

  2. Dude are you on speed pills or something??? Slow down and catch your
    breath…you talk too damn fast

  3. after effects isn’t really a video editing software per say. it is a
    compositing software as you said but its really just one of the many tools
    adobe has for film makers. after effects is a tool used for things like
    visual effects, complex intros and many other things related to making your
    video completely badass. people like freddy wong use after effects to make
    his first person shooter parodies. holograms and epic explosions after
    effects does not really fit under the category of a video editor it better
    fits under compositing like programs such as hitfilm and a few others i
    currently cant think of. that title go’s to adobe premier which is more
    like the other two you mentioned. i currently use vegas platinum 12 but
    plan on saving up for vegas pro 12/13. sony vegas is easy to learn and has
    a massive collection of newblue plugins that you can buy when you feel the
    need. after effects is by no means a bad program. it just isn’t made for
    the same things Vegas, premier pro and camtasia are made for.

  4. At last – “I know what I am gonna say…. BOOM, here it is!” and not an
    American “ummmmmmm” in sight! Wonderful. :D

  5. I’ve got the last one Sony -Movie Studio Platinum 12 same thing as Sony
    Vegas Studio12 with more features . I find it very easy to use but prefer
    Camtasia for cool animated effects . Sometimes i use both for one video .

  6. Whats the best program out there for adding effects? I have Vegas and im
    not satisfied I feel like theres better ones out there for that.

  7. Okay so I thought this would be good video but you’re talking way to fast.
    I had to stop watching 1 minute in. Sorry

  8. @ezvidinc whenever I try to upload something with my phone it was bout 12
    mins long it was just a black screan how do I fix it??

  9. Hey Ez can i call you that??? Any way i just started downloading is this
    compatible with minecraft and can record my mic with the minecraft sounds
    and etc… ?

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