Ultimate 1-99 Ranged Guide [P2P] – EoC Runescape 2014

Hello Everyone, Today I will be showing you all how to reach Level 99 in Range. Always wear the best armour you can once you reach the requirements, this wil…

24 thoughts on “Ultimate 1-99 Ranged Guide [P2P] – EoC Runescape 2014

  1. Or u could just kill waterfiends. If u know how to range u can get a little
    less so per hour but still good xp, and u don’t have to do the ritual of
    the majharret

  2. I do NOT recommend the hill giants if you are low lvl as they have tooo
    much hp for like a willow shortbow/composite bow and they are lvl 64
    against your lvl 20-30

  3. Honestly, its going to be so slow without certain requirements, like
    spiders in stronghold are the fastest way, without any requirements (most
    likely), or you can get 65 slayer and do Dust devils for 250k Xp/hr, or
    with 90 slayer you can get an easy 450k Xp/Hr, but I will try and post some
    easy ways to level up combat stats.

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