BBC Three – Secrets of the Superbrands (Fashion)

BBC Three - Secrets of the Superbrands (Fashion)

Alex Riley thinks he’s immune to brands. When it comes to fashion, technology and food brands he just goes for the cheapest and what works for him. He’s conv…
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Korean Style vs American Style (+ Eunice's Fashion Styling Tip)

Hello, Wish Trenders. This video is about the cultural differences between Korean fashion and american fashion. Cause there were many subscribers who asked a…

43 thoughts on “BBC Three – Secrets of the Superbrands (Fashion)

  1. I think everyone underestimates the power of a name or logo. We all fall
    for it no matter how much you want to deny it. You may shop in charity
    shops and claim to hate designer, but I garuntee if you put on a Burberry
    shirt – you’d feel entirely different.

  2. The Dutch have a saying “Even though an ape may wear a golden ring it is
    and remains an ugly thing” – so true – you can wear all the brands in the
    world but if you are not good looking you are still not good looking

  3. I honestly cannot stand this abhorrent guy. What is he trying to do?
    Attract attention? He does not know the least about fashion and how
    branding works. By the way, there is nothing wrong in wanting luxury brands
    as they guarantee quality and have classic timeless pieces that last
    forever. Personally for me, I like clothes because of their quality and
    style, which can range from department stores all the way to top luxury

  4. Meh.. not one for brands my self.. I buy things cause I like them.. The way
    they look and feel on my skin and of course durability.. I almost never buy
    something purely based on brand.. Spending over 200$ on a belt is kind of
    silly … especially one that is just a simple belt like shown in this
    film.. The price never fit the quality in these brands.. The only brand
    that I know is decent for quality is Levi and Gucci..and that’s only
    because I know ppl who like then and have told me stories.. but ya know..
    there is nothing wrong with liking a particular brand design.. and there is
    nothing wrong with spending your money on whatever you want.. So long as
    needs are met.. meh its no problem.. But you should always look around
    before you buy.. getting the biggest bang for your buck is so much more

  5. I used to think like the presenter before. Very frugal and thinks fashion
    is mindless consumerism. Every thing changed when I start buying a few
    designers and learning how to dress well. My appreciation for quality and
    design gave me a new perspective in the fashion world. This video fails to
    present the hardships of designers in producing a new product each year.
    Designers spent hundreds and thousands of hours designing new clothes,
    shoes. There are 2 types of consumer those who buy quality/design and those
    who just buy for the social status.

  6. lmao. trying to consciously avoid branded clothing is just as pretentious
    as consciously only buying anything branded. wear what you like. buy what
    you can.

    so pretentious this show.

  7. Anyone else think Louis Vuitton handbags actually look really tacky and
    disgusting? I don’t know what it is I just really don’t like them. 

  8. The secret of superbrands is the same as other successful brands and
    products: knowing that most of people are retarded.

  9. Can you please do western hairstyles vs korean hairstyles. For ex: westerns
    dont dye their hair often and when they do, most of them stay away from
    crazy unique colors. Red is as far most dye their hair. Westerns stop
    wearing two ponytails in grade 6 or Elementary School.

  10. I really liked this video Eunice~ My style has always been conservative and
    since I’ve been learning about Korean fashion I’ve gotten so many ideas
    about how to wear cute and fashionable yet stylish conservative outfits.
    Like you said, balance between sexy and conservative is the key to looking
    great. 🙂 Btw, great pictures at the end! 

  11. Thanks a lot for the video ♡ & for the tips ♡
    I really enjoyed watching your videos ^^
    & always waiting for the new ones
    Thumb up ♡ 

  12. I can say that I’ve seen a lot of girls wear leggings with crop tops as you
    mentioned. So many girls with beautiful bodies here in Houston haha.
    I’m not sure about hats at funerals but I know I always see women wear
    black hats with veils and stuff in the movies or tv shows. Usually
    conservative dresses are worn. (Idk how true that is though lol)

    I love your pictures btw! You look gorgeous! 

  13. OMFGG!!! Eunique! I love your style! And you look so pretty with long hair
    and short hair. (P.S. You’re really rocking that short hair!! <3) Thanks
    for being fantastic!

  14. dear i bought big collection of creams from wishtrend,, there bad in
    communication,, if something is missing they would add anything of there
    choice without contacting the customer,, this is not professional. let
    alone acceptable you do theses amazing videos but the delivery and
    customer service is very bad . it takes very long for them to ship there
    products i choose EMS 2 weeks ago stll not shipped,, if its going to take
    longer ill file a complain ,, let me say i choose them because i liked your

  15. Yay! Thanks Eunice for sharing your styling tips! I love your style and
    hope to see more fashion vids in the future! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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