Mr. Plinkett – Star Trek: Into Reference – Mr. Plinkett noticed some similarities between JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek film and other Star Trek films.

13 thoughts on “Mr. Plinkett – Star Trek: Into Reference

  1. Disappointing. You guys could (and should) have torn this movie apart. It’s
    just as derivative, nonsensical and insulting as those Star Wars prequels.

  2. This is another example why JJ Abrams is going to be the final nail in the
    sad Star Wars saga. He is a piss poor director who cannot create real or
    likeable characters or action scenes that go on for interminable lengths
    to pad out a razor thin plot. As cheesey as some of the original Trek
    flicks could be at least they had heart and a sense of fun. I have seen
    both Abrams Trek flicks and was totally bored by both. No point mentioning
    those damned light flares. Kahn is one of the dullest villians in the
    entire series and is nothing more than a secondary character. Like Kingdom
    of the Crystal Skull, fans will go into the next Star Wars flick with high
    anticipation but the limited talent of its director will soon become very
    clear. very quickly. It is going to be a massive turd of a movie.

  3. you asshole make more plinket reviews ffs ! you haven’t made a new one in
    ages , get off your lazy old ass and start them reviews

  4. alien resurrection. Or even Prometheus. The first 2 (and hey even the
    thrid) alien films were amazing. Those movies shit all over their source

  5. I will also vote Terminator Salvation. Maybe Plinkett can discover why Bale
    went Bonkers on set for a pizza roll?

    This film needs to get properly reamed by this geriatric f****

  6. “Don’t get LOST….on your way to the brig.” I have to admit, I
    har-de-har-harred at that one.

    But if Pressman did get lost, he could just call for help from his


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