The Return of “The Return of Peer to Peer Computing”.

At last year’s Europython Holger Krekel gave a keynote called “The Return of Peer to Peer Computing”. He described how developers, in light of the Snowden su…

1 thought on “The Return of “The Return of Peer to Peer Computing”.

  1. Could we invite you to test pyFreenet? →

    You can use it to insert sites and files into freenet to have them hosted
    decentrally and anonymously and to implement all kinds of systems which use
    a decentral, global datastore with stable pseudonyms, a web of trust for
    spam-protection, emails which hide metadata, anonymous IRC, microblogging
    and much more – there are few limitations to what you can do with a
    decentralized global data store.

    It already works, but the API isn’t as Pythonic as we’d wish it to be and
    the code still has some quite inelegant parts — which means it is a low
    hanging fruit which would benefit a lot from getting some love from
    enthusiast p2p devs.

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