The Return of “The Return of Peer to Peer Computing”.

At last year’s Europython Holger Krekel gave a keynote called “The Return of Peer to Peer Computing”. He described how developers, in light of the Snowden su…

One thought on “The Return of “The Return of Peer to Peer Computing”.

  1. Could we invite you to test pyFreenet? →

    You can use it to insert sites and files into freenet to have them hosted
    decentrally and anonymously and to implement all kinds of systems which use
    a decentral, global datastore with stable pseudonyms, a web of trust for
    spam-protection, emails which hide metadata, anonymous IRC, microblogging
    and much more – there are few limitations to what you can do with a
    decentralized global data store.

    It already works, but the API isn’t as Pythonic as we’d wish it to be and
    the code still has some quite inelegant parts — which means it is a low
    hanging fruit which would benefit a lot from getting some love from
    enthusiast p2p devs.

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