New Energy Series 2: John Hutchison Part 2

This unassuming Vancouver inventor demonstrates his gravity-defying high-voltage experimentation, crystal energy coverter batteries, and describes the circum…
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Title: The Physics of inertial fusion: current challenges and future opportunities Abstract: The promise of abundant, non-polluting fusion energy for mankind…
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25 thoughts on “New Energy Series 2: John Hutchison Part 2

  1. If You Want To Get The Plans
    For Building The Magnetic Generator
    Go To Google……and Search for:
    *Top Magnetic Generator*
    It Is a Step By Step Tutorial
    On How an Engineer Build this Device….

  2. @XxC0NDEMNEDxX Yes I read it too… It still is not particularly
    descriptive of you. If you are going for the extreamely wicked, devil like,
    or diabolical you would have been more descriptive by just calling yourself
    an ass hole.

  3. @trance183 He primarily bases his claims on outdated theoretical physics
    from allmost 100 years ago most if not all of which has since been
    disproven. It is popular to do amungst science based scams. They can easily
    find a few old records of poorly executed tests from that time period which
    give the illusion of producing positive results. Also they make the claim
    that the governement has been trying to cover it up trying to stop people
    from believeing the properly executed tests.

  4. @ibpointless2 Faked, as in, regarding the video with the fishing line in
    the corner? Please tell me that’s not the video you’re referring to… if
    so, lol.

  5. @kurisu925 You’re still rambling about it, but you haven’t proven your
    claim. I can’t take you seriously, especially when you misspell 3 simple
    words in the same sentence.

  6. @felixq78 My guess is the military believed him at first and felt they
    needed to investicate just how damaging the technology could be to them if
    it was weaponized. That and to look over the equipment to make sure none of
    it had been procured illegally. However with how quickly the military lost
    interest in his work I can only assume they were unimpressed. With John’s
    inability to reproduce the work and poor quality evidence the effect was
    even real to begin with… I can’t say John sounds legit

  7. @kurisu925 And the evidence to support your conclusion is where? I don’t
    need opinions from you. I need proven facts.

  8. My friends and I are trying to make it rich. And once we are making enough,
    we were thinking of sponsoring anyone with the knowledge to do this stuff.
    If its real, we’ll bing it to market. I mean wtf, just burry a half ton of
    this shit under your house and free power for decades! If its real of
    course. Plus, would this effect ppl with pace makers?

  9. All the people who say he’s reading resistance you clearly have never owned
    a auto range meter. At 4:30 you can clearly see a close up of the meter and
    where it is set to, which is volts. When you remove your probes from a auto
    range meter the meter will jump around to find the voltage, because thats
    what a auto range does, it goes to the high voltage first so that it won’t
    blow the meter. And no i’m not a fan of john, he faked most of his anti
    gravity videos.

  10. @XxC0NDEMNEDxX Sorry this conversation is not worth spell check… tell me
    what has John proven? He has proven two things. The first being that he can
    acquire derelect equipment from military surplus stores and the second
    being that for some reason he is incapable of reproducing his results with
    a live third party audience. The closest I have seen you come to showing
    proof was when you gave the excuse about him just being too nervous… How
    can I take you seriously when you are just a fan boy?

  11. @trance183 hi im new to learning this, I was wondering you knew how I could
    get more better information on his works or discoveries.

  12. To all of you who think he “faked” his anti-gravity experiments, watch this
    video: /watch?v=MBfoQn1vmQE Add that to the end of the YouTube URL and
    watch the other parts that come after it (up to part 7). He intentionally
    tied a string to the toy UFO for that particular experiment (he clearly
    states that in the first video I linked). Government and military were very
    interested in his experiments and even seized his equipment.
    Electromagnetism is more powerful than you think.

  13. Hutchison repeatedly states that he is getting readings measured in
    “electron volts” from his batteries – this is a vanishingly small unit of
    energy, many *orders of magnitude* smaller than anything that can be
    measured on a volt-ohm meter such as the one he is pictured using. It would
    take several *quintillion* electron volts to power a 100 watt light bulb
    for one second.

  14. @kurisu925 What about the government seizing his equipment? Military
    interest? Court cases to return his equipment? You forget to acknowledge
    the possibility that nervousness may get the best of him when third party
    witnesses are present and may cause him to fail in his demonstrations.
    You’re sounding like one of those people who claim to “debunk” Bob Lazar’s
    explanations. That guy never makes any public appearances about his
    experiences anymore and doesn’t profit from it at all.

  15. if you study m theory of which some rudimentary information exist even on
    you tube you will know we mayhave 11 subatomic dimensions and if this
    theory holds up to these multi billon dollar accleraror experiments it may
    rewrite physics. i dont know it these things are faked here – but they may
    not be impossible

  16. @kurisu925 What about the cannon ball? Did he glue that to the ceiling too?
    Did he suspend it on a string to imitate levitation? I highly doubt it.

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