The Salt Lick BBQ in Texas

Barbecue and Texas are synonymous with each other, and one such place is above the rest. The Salt Lick, is a mecha for barbeque lovers. The Salt Licks now in…
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13 thoughts on “The Salt Lick BBQ in Texas

  1. In ’10, I was out visiting my father in Houston and saw this place on an
    episode of “Man vs. Food.” We took a trip out to Austin and it was so worth
    the drive.

  2. The Salt Lick is unique in terms of BBQ style for Central Texas. They use
    different seasoning, wood, and sauce then what you will get in most
    barbecue restaurants in Austin and the surrounding area.

    Central Texas BBQ is influenced by German and Czech immigrants and come
    from a way to preserve unsold meats from the meat market. Brisket will only
    be season with salt and pepper, smoked with only post oak, and no sauce
    (although now they have sauce everywhere and it’s generally tomato and
    vinegar based).

    The Salt Lick is still very popular, but it’s popularity predates the
    barbecue Renaissance started by Aaron Franklin of Franklin BBQ. If you are
    in Austin, go to Franklin BBQ, La Barbecue, John Mueller, or Micklethwait.
    If you want old school, Louie Mueller in Lockhart or Snow’s in Lexington
    (only open Saturday morning). All of these places cook top rate Central
    Texas BBQ.

  3. Beech he still have some beef meat on dat bone and it wasn’t comepletely
    finish , yet he put it in the bone bowl. Im here drooling bitch

  4. That first piece is not a burnt end. Obviously he is not from KC. The burnt
    ends come from the point (fatty part of the brisket) and go back in the
    smoker after they are cubed. The burnt ends do not come from the flat. 

  5. One of my co-workers came back from Austin. He was at Salt Lick. Brought
    back his lunch. His Lunch SMELLED so WONDERFUL! No, he did not offer me or
    my other co-worker any taste. Cannot wait to get down to Austin. 

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