Monicca Bellucci Interview Hot [Italian language]

Monica Bellucci Talks about her latest Film and looks gorgeous in the interview in front of an open audience that uploads to her.This interview is in italian…

Italian language FAQs (

Italian language, Italian culture, Italian lifestyle are the main themes of my videos. When I am particularly inspired I also make Italian recipes videos. No…
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41 thoughts on “Monicca Bellucci Interview Hot [Italian language]

  1. Is it me or does Italian sound a lot like Spanish (at points)!? And a LOT
    of Words sound/are the same or are very very similar!! 

  2. Pete where the hell did you learn to write the word (Pervert) I would like
    to let you know That the One you coll pervert is a well know artist, Singer
    comedian and actor.And he still good at that.I Think you`re ignoring this,
    or you just pretend to be intelligent.some time they can not say more of
    what they need to say this is for you a good reason to call people
    pervert.Please Get a little more information is worth for next time.

  3. Hi Miss Oddone, Come stai?

    Looking for your videos on a weekly basis has become a ritual for me.
    I use the cc option and I listen to the video first – then I watch again as
    I read the captions and finally I end up Googling words I don’t know
    (there are many).

    Once I’ve taken those 3 steps I re-watch the video and find myself nodding
    and smiling at the video image. 🙂

    I wonder if anyone else does something similar to this or I am the only nut
    in Lucrezia’s “classroom”?

  4. Believe me I don´t speak italian But I could understand you perfectly
    ’cause I’m a spanish speaker Haha the italian is almost equal as spanish

  5. Una domanda per favore,
    La espressione ” il gioco è bello quando dura poco”
    Play or joking can be fun if it’s only for a little while???? So this is
    for people who should not joke too much ??? Grazie in anticipo 

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