DefCon 22: Home Automation Security, Personal Wrist Computer and Buying Online, Hak5 1702

This time on a DEF CON 22 Hak5 Special the team comes to you from Las Vegas where we learn about the Security of Home Automation Devices, Building a wrist computer, and buying things online…

Minecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we do a maintenance check-up on the man cave. Then we build the Flowers on Demand farm and install Docm’s villager switcharoo on project pokemon….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

27 thoughts on “DefCon 22: Home Automation Security, Personal Wrist Computer and Buying Online, Hak5 1702

  1. 3 routers in a ‘Y’ – Base router is from ISP > left arm router goes to
    PC’s, > right arm router ‘network of things’

  2. Also I am wondering why you don’t mine the diamonds that are all over your
    man cave cave walls by the Creeper Lava face???

  3. While I do appreciate all the awesome technical things that have come to
    Minecraft recently, I find it disheartening that those things have caused
    Minecraft updates to be rated on how much cool stuff they add and how many
    annoyances they remove (void fog). Back in the day, updates made things
    harder, more challenging, and sometimes more annoying. We found the Nether,
    a place wrought with lava, swarms of powerful melee fighter, omnipresent
    flying TNT slingers, with limited exits, and Abandoned Mineshafts, laden
    with restrictive cobwebs, tiny poisonous spiders, vast dark areas and blind

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next update added fields of flowers and
    mountains of colourful blocks. *whisper whisper* Wait- Flower Forests were
    added? And mountainous Mesas of stained clay? Well nevermind then.

  4. etho if you have so many diamonds you let them burn in lava why don’t you
    use diamond blocks for your beacons

  5. Etho! I think, just in case you come across some really boring or even
    borderline speechless gameplay of you building stuff or otherwise (which i
    doubt there will be knowing what you do, but just in case), might I suggest
    simply speeding it up? It let’s us see what you do but it takes up 1/4 of
    the time it would normally :)

  6. Not everyone likes Redstone stuff??
    That’s what got you started! That’s the point of your channel!
    You’ve got to show that stuff, man! Forget the 12 year olds with no
    attention span and no real imagination and limited intelligence; they’re
    all watching PewDiePie anyway!

  7. Just gotta say, I think Etho is my favorite YouTuber ever. His videos are
    so well done, nothing fancy and unoriginal, yet he has a way of being
    extremely entertaining. He doesn’t share too much personal things, which is
    a huge plus for me. There’s nothing fake and stupid *cough* PewDiePie
    *cough* and he doesn’t rely on cursing to be funny. Love the videos! (Yea I
    know he probably won’t see this)

  8. Instead of up side down pistons you could use glowstone it dose not
    suffocation them and it was the same block as before

  9. Hi etho I was wondering if you played minecraft pocket idition on your
    fone, if so what do you do on it?

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