Lesson 1 – Farsi/Persian Language Course for Urdu Speakers

Idea, production and direction by Syed Imon Rizvi Course Instructor Molana Syed Hussain Haider.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18 thoughts on “Lesson 1 – Farsi/Persian Language Course for Urdu Speakers

  1. JazakAllah Maulana Syed Hussain Haider Saheb. Indeed to educate someone
    has great rewards as Prophet (MPBUH) said ” To educate someone is more
    rewarding than SHAB-BEDARI” 

  2. To me, the contents and title of this video match one another. The teacher
    seems to have origins in the Panjab region of Pakistan, and his speech is
    very clear and perfectly accessible to people of Pakistan and India, at
    least, and perhaps some folks in Afghanistan. Of course, when we learn any
    foreign language, it is expected that influence from our native language
    will have some influence on the new language being learned. 

  3. @RoundHouseKickPro the ancient language of afghans is sogdian and bactrian
    whic are eastern iranic languages. pashto and pamiri language are derived
    from this ancient languages. on other hand farsi is member of western
    branch of iranian languages belonging to “parsawa” region. afghans adopted
    farsi during islamic era when it became a popular and important language.

  4. @farnoise haha, I am not trying to pick any fights or any thing, but this
    make me laugh (not at you), there’s no such thing as Pakistanians, hehehe,
    its Pakistani 🙂

  5. salam…juststarted learning through ur lessons..but any of ur cntact num
    or email so that i cantact u mr hussain..waiting for ur response….JAZAK

  6. oh my god how i arrange words for your great try i love you all …….
    because my GOD already like you and GOD said in his book that’s GOD like
    best sequence

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