First Spaceship On Venus – Free Classic Science Fiction Movies Full Length

When an alien artifact discovered on Earth is found to have come from Venus, an international team of astronauts embarks to investigate its origins. Director…
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14 thoughts on “First Spaceship On Venus – Free Classic Science Fiction Movies Full Length

  1. The men on Venus have no Pen!s, as do the Men on Mars; If you want Girth,
    then come to Earth and Grab a Chocolate Bar!

  2. I like the 1972 version of Solaris better than the 1981. Not that George
    Clooney did a bad job. It’s just that the 1972 version was the first one I
    saw. And that was in 79 at the Tivoli theatre.

  3. What makes this film sooo cool is the real attempt at an INTERNATIONAL
    group of scientists, which mirrors a key idea in the decline of “cold war”
    thinking. In the film 2010 this comes across when a Russian scientist
    confronts the American that they did not share access to the MonoLith. And
    of course, “Day the Earth Stood Still” reflects this as well (esp, the
    original B&W version). Onward to destiny among the stars!!!

  4. has somebody read the original novel by Stanislaw Lem? ist one of his
    earliest books, but still a good read. this movie is very far from it…

  5. !!! Wow, thanks for the post !! Stanislav Lem has always been one of my
    fav authors. Check out his “Robot Stories” which was translated from Polish
    into English as “The Cyberiad” — fair tales for the post-human era. —
    again thanks,

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