BEST Home Based Business Ideas for 2012 & FORWARD – Robert Kiyosaki
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Best home based business ideas for 2012. Top small business ideas to start in 2012. Home based businesses.
Home Based Business Ideas for 2012
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It’s sounds crazy, but the figures support my claim that you can earn ,000 per day, just planting tomato seeds
You get 100 times what you started with in the first 30 days
Turn a penny into a dollar
Sell the plant or keep it and turn that plant into in tomatoes
Tomatoes, Anyone?

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38 thoughts on “BEST Home Based Business Ideas for 2012 & FORWARD – Robert Kiyosaki

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  16. When anything grows in value 10,000% in a single month, then all wealth
    comes from that, because nothing can compete. It will outproduce
    everything! Manufacturing never makes 10,000% in a month on investment,
    but seeds do. The tomato seed can be one cent and a month later, $1.
    That’s 100 times the value or 10,000% in a month! All wealth comes from

  17. Tomatoes and peppers can be used by every household in the world, EVERY DAY!
    You don’t have to go farther than your own neighborhood to sell the products
    You have thousands of varieties of both and you can cut both up and freeze
    them, after cooking them
    Stop finding ways to fail and start planting tomatoes and peppers
    Nothing will go to waste! The seeds are worth more than the fruit and the
    vegetables that you produce

  18. Many people think this is impossible and that’s because they haven’t tried
    it, but those who are doing it, think it is definitely possible! Don’t
    judge this idea, until you have given it a good chance to work. You don’t
    know everything there is to know about germinating seeds and keeping a
    plant alive. I’m learning how to grow things in the desert in buckets and
    I am finding success with jalapenos growing indoors and outside, I have
    Swiss chard and today, I planted hundreds of peppers and cantaloupe in the
    ground in a place where I have had great success in cooler weather, in the
    past. We are past the dead season, June/July, when I can’t grow much,
    because of the baking sun, but now, I’m in the cool season and by January,
    I will have many things growing, because that’s my best month in Southern

  19. Since Google has come up with a way to block all the spam I was getting on
    this video, I can now open up the comments section for your contributions
    If the comment is good, maybe I’ll put it on the video, so everyone can
    read it

  20. Been looking for a way to get off the grid, and grow my own food. I would
    begin immediately with your idea, if I knew what it takes to market the
    tomatoes. They seem to be the first thing anyone plants, which to me means
    stiff competition in the market. Have heard places like Whole Foods and
    some restaurants will buy organic vegetables from small growers, but there
    again, I don’t have any solid ideas on how to make a profit. By the way, I
    agree with you about the way the country is going. You are absolutely
    right. I have refrained from writing too much about it because I don’t want
    to see the men in the black suits come to my door. I can imagine Homeland
    Security violations. With the Patriot Act we have created another Gestapo
    who can come take you away, and never let you come back home, and be able
    to do it without a trial. I’ve heard the stories no one wants to talk
    about. Stan Meyers is one example. I would rather think about tomatoes.
    Much easier to swallow.

  21. Thank you so very much for this very enlightening video. You have just
    made my day. I love to garden, am retired on a pittance, so this video is
    a God-send. Now I know how to make money in my golden years. Can’t wait to
    start earning some serious bread from planting seeds and reaping the

    God Bless you for your wonderful insights and free advice on how to make
    money growing our own food.

  22. this is very nice demo but in india the cost of tomato is half dollar par
    kg only so the margine is very low please gude me. thank you

  23. Thanks for the reply. I am not trying to be negative but I was talking to
    a coworker who gardens and she told me she buys all her seeds at walmart,
    sometimes for 59 cents a pack. I do not know how many seeds in the pack
    but she said they have “a lot”. no telling where those seeds came from!
    and yes I am very familiar w/craigslist. 

  24. 2nd time I’m viewing your video. I like it better the 2nd time. Like any
    business, the problem is selling the product; you might produce 1,000
    tomatoes but can’t sell them fast enough, but as you say, you can always
    save the seeds to sell over time. After the coming economic crash,
    heirloom seeds will be worth more than gold so you’re right again.
    Thanks for the video, it’s really good outlook.

  25. You have planted a lot of ideas in my fertile brain. I love your attitude
    and your expansive video. I think you’re talking more than just tomatoes
    here, and if you are, I hope no body every stops you. Thank you for putting
    this up for free.

  26. What a fantastic video. All incorporated. Precisely how we have been
    brainwashed from childhood. I love it. Please make more videos, and every
    one watching. If you are staying on this planet. WAKE UP. not just
    americans. EVERYONE. The world wantsa new world order, one monetary system
    and one religion. Even gardening will become illegal!! They leave us with
    GMO and their seed bank is full of YHVH (God) given real seeds. and THEY
    are the ILLUMINAT, bilderbergs, rothchilds, queen of england United nations
    and of course the roman catholic church.

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