Learn Spanish Level 1 Lesson 1

A fast way to learn Spanish.
If you really want to learn Spanish and speak Spanish you need to focus on the essentiall strutures. This is for travelling, Spanish exams, like GCSE Spanish etc… Make sure you write down the answers. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Learn-Spanish/281046428603609

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This lesson will give you a crash course on Spanish grammar rules. The Spanish language rules presented here will help you to master Spanish now. Learn Spanish easy by watching our free Spanish lessons on YouTube.

Below are more words you will learn in this free Spanish speaking lesson:

unos – some (masc.)
unas – some (fem.)
casa – house
restaurante – restaurant
tienda – store

14 thoughts on “Learn Spanish Level 1 Lesson 1

  1. Getting this interview will be very important for me since it will help me
    finish my class assignment in time.

    For => used to indicate the object, aim or purpose of an action or
    activity. Also used to indicate appropriateness or suitability

    Important for me => in my opinion, this is important because

    My father’s health is very important to me, and I am willing to stay home
    to care for him.

    To => used to indicate direction toward

    Important to me => I am the receiver of this action, it affects my own

    just for the records: para = to/for, it is used for both.. 

  2. You learn to talk about yourself. You feel your confidence soar as Spanish
    starts rolling off your tongue in clear sentences. After completing the 8
    user-friendly lessons you are ready to advance to the conversational part
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  3. Spanish Guys Is A little Difficult People All Over The World Speak
    Languages And We Try To Speak Them You Know Why? Well Say You Have A Friend
    Or Uncle Or Whatever And They Speak Spanish Well When They Talk You Will Be
    Like WTF????? What He/She Saying?? And They Say Hi And You Say Books Yea
    Sure And They Get Confused SomeTimes It Is A little Hard But Practice Makes
    Perfect! Always Try And Make The Best Of It Everyone The More You Try Like
    In Life The More You Will Succeed In Life! So Start Something New Like A

  4. You make Spanish for beginners so easy!!!! I owe you so much and thanks for
    uploading this! I’m very very very happy that I found your video and I
    subscribed of course!

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