Health Conscious but No Spiritual Connection

Health Conscious but No Spiritual Connection

speaking on healthy issues with no spiritual connection amongst other things; Thirteen Love Community Donations;
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16 thoughts on “Health Conscious but No Spiritual Connection

  1. hey 13 i noticed the previous video you said you had breakfast but on this
    one you say we only supposed to drink lemon water just a little confused

  2. That was deep when you said you came home 7 yrs ago..that’s the same time
    I came back home which was n 07..I cant explain it all I now is a
    beneficent force was all around me that night and it told me my wooryies
    were over and that they were here to bring in the new world, I could see
    symbols and they were speaking through telepathy and another thing you say
    the transition will take effect in 2020..hmm 2007 was when I woke up and
    by the time 2020 comes it will be the 13th’ year of my awakening..I’m just
    saying..but REAL’ reconize REAL’ 13TH love people!!!!!

  3. Wow, your amazing! This knowledge speaks to me. In my dreams me and my
    family member connect but it’s kinda been regular for us. Dreams tell us
    what’s going on And we know where and who the negativity attacks ! That’s
    where you show your true strength but yeah being healthy is part of it too.
    Thank you for the wisdom I didn’t know about not eating after sun set.

  4. why do i feel like , you just combined what you see around you… and b.s
    your own ish. Seriously. you are promoting good thinking positive stuff but
    ignorance and superstition. such as prayer protections for an example. stop
    watching too many movies. 

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