Tony Robbins on Immersion Coaching

Tony Robbins on Immersion Coaching

For three decades, Anthony Robbins has built his brand based on one thing: Robbins = Results. His system of Immersion Coaching is unlike anything else in the world. He is the “Father of the Coaching Industry” and his coaches’ standards and training for success coaching are the best in the industry. We offer general Immersion Coaching as well as Specialized Curriculum Coaching Courses on the areas of life that matter most.
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24 thoughts on “Tony Robbins on Immersion Coaching

  1. At the beginning he says measuring the days without cigarets is bad.. and
    then he says the exact opposite and says not measuring progress is bad and
    should get on a scale all the time for weight loss.. ugh…wouldn’t a good
    a good scale for quitting being proud of the days u went without them? the
    same as being proud of each lb you lose? Kind of a contradiction there.

  2. God” and JESUS are ancient and historically real. Don”t deny yourself. We
    must not be so arrogant and deny God. For in all mysteries of creation we
    are in awe of It all. Even Tony does not deny that we are part of some
    greater energy outside ourselves.

  3. Tony has definitely helped lots of people with his coaching. I think
    coaching skills are a great way for anyone to help others. 

  4. After reviewing this video, I get the sense that Tony may not be doing as a
    well as he used to. Why mention other people’s techniques? What he sells vs
    what the other guys sell comes across desperate. Towards the end he seems
    paranoid. Maybe the coach needs a coach.

  5. As always, inspirational. But a quick word about that word, “inspired.” It
    doesn’t actually mean, “in spirit,” as Tony says, but rather, it’s from
    Latin “in + spirare” which means “to breathe in.” Still makes for a great
    metaphor, however, as whatever you breathe in or fill yourself with –
    attitude, determination, behaviors – determines who you are and who you can
    become! Bravo! 

  6. thanks tony drugs relationship problems deaths alcohol universati problems
    rent problems my head is not going to pop becuse im the master of the
    univers yep i cant spell to ha ha

  7. Awesome video. He says successes and failures don’t happen overnight. His
    Immersion Coaching process is a combination of strategies he has learned
    over the past 30 years.

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