Webdesign – Création d’un site web avec Photoshop (Maquette d’un site web)

Webdesign - Création d'un site web avec Photoshop (Maquette d'un site web)

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Beginning web page design: A Case Study beginning with a basic text web page and advancing up through graphics, CSS, and more.
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History – Photoshop

History — Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is the market leader in picture editing software. Originally designed by John and Thomas Knoll in 1987 for the macs, the program has grown into the business standard for computer images today. Many of the most well-known features of graphics programs in use nowadays were originally pioneered by the Photoshop system.

The first complete release of Photoshop has been under the Knoll Software title, before they completed their own partnership with Adobe. The first edition of Photoshop, including the manual, fit on an 800k floppy disk with space left over. The Macintosh pc was the only place you could run Photoshop, from the 1st release in 1990 till version 2. 5 has been finally released for the personal computer world in 1992.

One of the real power features of Photoshop has been modular design. the particular programmers wanted to be able to create changes without altering the particular core engine, and along the way, they opened the ability to produce filters and add-on modu0les that greatly expanded the power of the program.

Photoshop continued to add new features and power over the years. Layers were added to the program in 1994. Macros plus adjustment layers arrived in mil novecentos e noventa e seis. 1998 saw the invention of the Magnetic Lasso and the inclusion of the History palette, which usually allowed for undoing several activities, not just one. The recovery Brush, a powerful cloning device, was added to the selection in 2002, as well as the 1st support for the RAW file format.

Version CS2, released in 2006, has a variety of new function, including red-eye correction, zoom lens correction, HDR support, and the latest revision of assistance for the RAW format.

Photoshop is so well known that it’s title became a verb, much like Google has done. However, given that Adobe would like to protect the particular copyright on Photoshop, many websites have slightly changed the particular phrase to “photochop” rather.

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