Cooking Ranges

Cooking Ranges

Cooking ranges are one of the basic kitchen appliances that every home needs. Some cooking ranges run on gas, while others run on electric ranges and few operate in combination of both. Cooking ranges are most convenient and energy efficient compared to traditional gas stoves.

Electric cooking ranges are very popular due to various reasons. The cost of electric cooking ranges is very low compared to gas and dual power cooking ranges. As electricity is freely available every where, people prefer these types of ranges for their kitchens. In electric cooking ranges coils are fixed above the surface of the range top in an elevated position accommodating all types of cookware.

Some electric cooking ranges come with deep porcelain drip pans that help in retaining the fresh appearance of the food for a longer period. Advanced electric range models use radiant elements as burners instead of traditional coil burners. As radiant elements are good heat conductors they help in cooking food very fast. This type of cooking ranges cost higher than the standard models.

Gas based cooking ranges are more eco friendly than the electric cooking ranges. In gas based cooking ranges flames can be adjusted to provide variable heating to cook different types of dishes. While buying a gas based cooking range one has to choose a model with electric ignition to light up the burner. Gas cooking ranges are expensive than their electric counter parts.

Apart from these basic categories there are other varieties of cooking ranges based on their configuration such as Open top burners, Solid Tops, Boiling tables, Island suits, Modular Islands, and One piece islands. Open top burners operate in both, gas or electricity, and with an oven below them. These types of cooking ranges are fuel efficient as the cooking pans are directly heated by the burners resulting in quick heating-up. While buying this type of cooking ranges at least one burner should be bigger in order to place large cooking pans.

Solid Tops have a hard cast iron range top heated by either gas burners or radiant elements. The main benefit is it can house more pans in comparison to open burner ranges. Boiling table ranges are identical to standard cooking ranges. Island suites and Modular island suites are facilitated with cooking units and have various processes like grills, griddles, ovens, fryers, etc.

Cooking ranges burn with excellent competence. To maintain its excellence the cooking range burners ought to be kept clean free of any food wastage.

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