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Southwest Specialty Goods 10013C Ultra Duster Can Safe

Southwest Specialty Products 10013C Ultra Duster Can Safe

Southwest Specialty Products 10013C Ultra Duster Can Safe

  • Manufactured from genuine merchandise containers
  • Screw off base
  • Perfect for HOME BUSINESS OFFICE School Traveling RV’s and Boats
  • The best destination for a hide anything is usually in plain view

Authentic Design and style Blends in Easily The Southwest Specialized Products Can Risk-free has got the same traditional label and physique as an actual can, therefore it looks right in the home. JusJust unscrew the base and place tiny,luable things inside for an imaginative method to keep your hard earned money, jewelry, or even keys risk-free from snoops and intruders. Thieves usually spend significantly less than six minutes in your home and so they target jewelry boxes, dresser drawers, closets as well as other traditional hiding places. No-one will want to look for your hard earned money

List Price: $ 19.99

Value: [wpramaprice asin=”B0053YH54M”]

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