BBC – Design Rules – 5 of 6 – Interior Planning

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BBC - Design Rules - 5 of 6 - Interior Planning

Design Rules, 5 of 6, Interior Planning, BBC, 2003. Narrated by Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen. The playlist:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 thoughts on “BBC – Design Rules – 5 of 6 – Interior Planning

  1. 20 secs in and I’ve had enough…have watched the other programmes in this
    series before this one but he’s just too patronising…doesn’t seem to
    follow the advice he’s offering (finished room in previous programme –

  2. I totally enjoyed watching this. If you can’t afford an interior designer,
    check this out. It inspired a lot of ideas for me, it could for you too.
    (Makes interior design feel less overwhelming)

  3. Maybe because I am a noob but I like how he explained stuff and I quite
    understood them.. now I know what is missing in my bedroom and how to fix
    it 😀 I enjoy his show a lot!

  4. I love video and I love Laurence design I used to watch changing rooms I
    will take this information and redo my bedroom as you were talking I was
    looking around my bedroom and nodding my head in agreement what did you do
    with all of that stuff

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