Women’s Volleyball Pool B – USA v Brazil | London 2012 Olympics

Brazil take on USA in the preliminary rounds Pool B contest of the women’s volleyball at the London 2012 Olympic Games (30 July). Subscribe to the Olympic ch…
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Full highlights of the preliminary round pool B match between the USA and Turkey in the women’s volleyball event from the Earls Court at the London 2012 Olym…
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44 thoughts on “Women’s Volleyball Pool B – USA v Brazil | London 2012 Olympics

  1. If the USA women’s team wanted to be strategic in the last olympics all
    that needed to be done was lose the last match in pool play. If that would
    have been done Brazil would not have been in contention for a medal. One
    would think Brazil would have realized that and not been so dramatic after
    winning the gold medal. I am not suggesting losing on purpose just kept the
    celebrating done more.

  2. Well, Brazil is twice olympic champion against the united states. In 2016
    we will be champions for the third time. The United States has always
    organized and robotic teams, now Brazil plays with heart
    Love you Sheila!

  3. All love to Brazil but I was rooting for USA but I believe Destinee Hooker
    will be back…you can’t keep a good Hooker down…(I had too)

  4. Did you miss last year’s epic USA V Brazil Olympics #volleyball match?

    Here’s your chance to watch the entire match in full.

  5. yes most certainly usa will win gold in Rio, despite the fact they lost to
    brazil I believe US is still number 1 considering the fact their roster was
    pretty much all new comers to the big leagues and were considered world
    number ones……hook em

  6. I am sorry, I do not agry with you. The Americans are professional. The
    Brazilians won the final because they played better that match. The noisy
    crowd does not justify so many unforced errors and the fact of Nicole Davis
    have been passing so badly. Cuba beat Brazil in Rio Pan American Games in
    2007, The Americans beat the Brazilinas during World Grand Prix Preliminary
    round 2011 in Brazil. I am sorry, but the audience noisy could not be the
    real reason or excuse for the American defeat!!!

  7. I love destine hooker…all her attacks were powerful and it is spine
    tingling every time she goes up to spike.. great ups to the usa girls, love
    u always. the best team in my opinion… hook em ‘d’

  8. the Turkish coach is crying and shouting, world is not going to finish if
    Turkey lost this match take it easy man be brave!!!

  9. ฉันเสียใจที่ปะเทศไทยไม่ได้ไปโอลิมปิก

  10. you qulified bacause you were in easy group.Actually,we beat china and
    south korea in world grand prix easily.but in olimpics we couldnt beat
    china.otherwise,we could have qualified and beat Italy! we are improving.ı
    am sure we will beat brasil and usa very soon!

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