Niagara Conservation’s Stealth™ 0.8 GPF UHET — World’s 1st Ultra High-Efficiency Toilet

Niagara Conservation's Stealth™ 0.8 GPF UHET -- World's 1st Ultra High-Efficiency Toilet

Experience the revolutionary toilet that saves more water than any other on the market with maximum performance and maximum power. Innovative and stylish, Ni…

When most people talk about “clean energy,” they often mean wind or solar power, and when they’re discussing “energy conservation,” they’re usually talking a…
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12 thoughts on “Niagara Conservation’s Stealth™ 0.8 GPF UHET — World’s 1st Ultra High-Efficiency Toilet

  1. dual flush dont buy them. 1.6, 1.28, and .8, gpf suck. low flow toilets are
    the main reason for sewer backups. they arnt washing the sewer enough.
    screw low flow toilets. Roy’s Plumbing told me about this.

  2. Popular Mechanics couldn’t find out why a building fell at free fall
    acceleration.. but I’m glad they chose your toilet. Great design.

  3. What is energy-efficiency? Why should you care about it? Learn all this and
    more in this short video from the NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council): Energy
    Efficiency in 90 seconds

  4. This is a very simple but yet easy way to explain what Energy Efficency is
    all about and a way to start making changes in our habits. Simple and
    effective, I like It.

    ZERO-NOISE from gears and generators since they’re sealed underground.
    SAVES THE BIRDS AND BATS since the turbines are slow-moving. DOES NOT NEED
    TO OCCUPY A WIDER LANDSCAPE since the turbine can be very tall. MAY BE
    LOWER-COST since it can use parts of junked trucks and others. ELUDES
    HURRICANE FORCE since the blades automatically close. HELPS THE WIND ENERGY
    COMPANIES since it is FREE FOR ALL.

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