Hebrew and Arabic: Similarities

Jordan and I took some guesses at words that are common to Hebrew and Arabic. FB: https://www.facebook.com/polyglotpal *Note: any racist, anti-semitic, islam…

this is the first Lesson of a series of lessons that i am going to teach Luca, who is a total beginner, and i will be teaching him 2 hours per week, for the …

42 thoughts on “Hebrew and Arabic: Similarities

  1. Because Jews and Hebrew are Arabs and a part of Arabic language and Arab
    culture but now they made the Israel thing and we are separated so not
    anymore i guess :/ 

  2. very good arabic , even if it’s mixed with egyptian and not the official
    arabic 😉
    but you do great
    Peace out from Morocco

  3. It’s normal similarities because Hebrew and Arabic are semitic languages,
    origins of semitic languages from north africa or east africa (modren
    ethiopia), but the semitic peoples they are mixed of Indo-European,
    Northwest Caucasian, Kartvelian..etc

  4. Very good you did this video!! ;)) I am morrocan musulman and as an arabic
    point of view I observed too that there are a lot of similarities. Either I
    could say that’s there pretty have between the social cultures too!

    We are all the same, and our similarities and differences being just
    because of the geographic distances. As we can say that’s spanish and
    italian are approached because of it geographical proximity and it’s
    historical origins; it’s happens the same to arabic and hebrew.

    Congraats to youu you have a very good arab!! (wish I had it lol ;p!, I
    studied on a spanish school so my spanish and my french are waay better xpp)

    Good luck!! :)

  5. by the way , we have no issue with Jews as people or culture or history ,
    we have an issue with Israel colonization , Arabs and Jews are cousins and
    they have too many similarities in every thing but no one can accept that
    current jews come from all over the world and take the lands of arabs ! I
    am from saudi arabia and i do respect jews as smart people who
    participated positively through the human history , but i can not accept
    their actions in Palestine !

  6. I’m guessing this dialect is the standard arabic, am I right? But anyways,
    this is so impressive! I remember how to say the numbers from when I learnt
    arabic 3 years ago in an elective 

  7. The Bani Israel or as they are called The children of Israel are Arabs by
    ethnic. Who are they? They are the descendants of Israel, who is this
    Israel? Some say it is Jacob some say it is someone else but still from the
    Ibrahim family. The children of Israel language was one of the Arabic
    different tongues called today Aramaic. There was never a language called
    “Hebrew”, the word “Hebrew” in ancient Arabic and even today means “those
    who cross over” and it was given to anyone who crossed to the Surat
    Mountains in Arabia. Ancient Arabic had few tongues depending on the

  8. You are a very talented young man.
    i would like to see if you have interest in a language called Assyrian
    i think you will have like it.

  9. Totally mispronounce. please don’t misuse a language. Every language has
    its own rules and pronounciation. So please it’s better to leave youtube
    and remove your videos as soon as possible. Because I am the one that wanna
    learn Arabic because I love it and it is the universal language but I don’t
    want to learn it with this method that you people are teaching. Because it
    is totally wrong. Because I can read and write in it as well so nobody can
    teach me wrong and I well never miss directed by some body like you.

  10. اللغة العربية كانت لغة العلم الاولى في العالم مؤسس الجبر الخوارزمي .
    الكيمياء جابر بن حيان . علم الأجتماع ابن خلدون و غيرهم الكثير إن شاء الله
    يستمر الربيع العربي إلى ان ترجع قوة و عز اللغة العربية watch?v=uHKT_SYjuUA
    الرجاء انسخ الرابط و الصقة في محرك البحث الخاص باليوتيوب

  11. @heroedelahistoria she is a doll, but she sounds like she had a tongue
    stud, which affects her pronunciation. Maybe she should remove it?

  12. مها بسم الله عليك ما اجملك خشمش في فقحة أبوي تِروِحين ما في خُره أربش
    والشور تتلحفين

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