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Operating Systems
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Alternative Operating Systems

Even though most personal computers are sold nowadays with Windows pre-loaded, there are alternative operating systems that you can choose to install yourself. Advances are usually constantly being made in computer programming that allows computer users to choose exactly what operating system they want to use.

Of course , Windows is one of the easiest operating systems to have. It is loaded on most computer systems, so you can use other systems besides your own with ease and without having to learn a new system. Windows is designed to be user-friendly along with point and click technologies that allows nearly anyone to very easily become a computer expert.

One of the alternative operating systems you can look at will be rising in popularity: especially in recent years. The Linux operating system is a freeware product created within the last several years as an alternative to home windows. It is also designed to be user friendly with a graphical user interface that allows for easy navigation.

Linux has been approved by many large corporations as a viable alternative to other operating systems. These companies include IBM, Novell, and Sun Micro techniques. Many of them have adopted all of them as their primary operating system for their mainframe computers as well as person PCs.

As we’ve stated, Linux is meant to be free-ware available to anyone. It is meant to be shared between users plus programmers alike so that they can create changes to the system and re-distribute it freely with all those changes. The concept is that rather than having one programmer working on the system, many programmers may ultimately make the system much better.

Besides Linux, Apple company has an alternative operating system made for their PCs called mac pc OS. This operating system is usually just run on Macintosh computer systems, but it is always evolving plus being developed so that ultimately, it can be run on any pc. Mac OS was actually the particular model operating system used to create Windows.

There are many other option operating systems – most of which were developed as freeware such as Linux. These include GNU, don, Solaris, and Unix. They are all viable alternatives to any operating system and most are as user friendly as Windows and mac pc OS.

You don’t have to stick along with any pre-loaded operating system on your new computer. There are many option operating systems you can choose from and they are almost all meant to be easy to use and aesthetically appealing. You can easily install these types of operating systems and be well on your way to a new experience.

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