Acne In Motion

Acne In Motion

New high definition video of the inner workings of acne. Acne breakouts don’t just appear anywhere. This is because acne begins in a special type of follicle…

♥ Clear Skin Tips: How I Got Rid of Acne for GOOD (& What I Did WRONG!)

After years of testing ways to clear my blemishes, I FINALLY came up with a) what was causing the acne spots b) easy steps to clearing my skin (& hopefully y…
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41 thoughts on “Acne In Motion

  1. while watching this i had my hands on my face then once she said ( such as
    resting the hand on your face ) i slowly moved my hand to my head or
    forehead loll

  2. My derm said I have acne prone skin due to excess oil…since using baking
    soda it has balanced everything out…I don’t wanna get rid of ALL the oil
    because it help keep wrinkles away.

  3. @miss *Thank you so much for sharing me that program…Right now my skin is
    perfectly clear, for the first time in 3 years. It’s been about 9 weeks and
    all my acne is gone. It is such a great feeling to wake up with clear skin*

  4. I had a lot of pimples once but thankfully they were not the bursting kind.
    It was the oil seed kind. Thankfully, I found the right product which
    costs only 5 USD.
    My skin is smooth and fair. Loving it.

  5. acne is such bullshit tried everything, its only on ONE SIDE of my face (I
    dont sleep on that side either or rest my hand on it) any ideas> just

  6. I don’t have bad acne, but when I get a pimple it gets really red, and
    bleeds when I don’t touch it! I don’t wear makeup when it’s bad because
    that makes it worse! Why?

  7. i hate acne;
    i eat healthy( i don’t eat dairy, to much oily food, fast food)
    i don’t use powder, i don’t touch my face and scuize pimples
    arghh D;<

  8. This is super helpful! I have oily, reactive skin too and get up to 4
    breakouts at a time. Everytime I wear makeup like foundation my face breaks
    in a day or so. Do you have any recommendations for drugstore moisturizer
    day/night creams?

  9. I wod also notice when I had second or third day hair I would break out a
    lot and my doctor told me to always wash your hair after the second day
    because during the night and day that the oils from your hair go down your
    face and soak into your skin ever since mostly my breakouts have eased a

  10. NO, it is not just your dermatologist. Mine said the same thing as well. I
    didn’t even use the products she gave me for months before going back to
    her, I just used natural masks, etc. But when I went back, she basically
    said, “Wow, your skin is great now! So much better. Let’s keep you the
    pills and the creams…” And I didn’t have the heart to tell her that her
    advice kind of, well, sucks. :/

  11. My #1 tip for acne that really helps me is a homemade face mask! I found
    this on bubzbeauty channel and it’s great! You should go check it out its
    her second latest video and is very simple, gentle and works great!

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