E-Mail Marketing Made Easy. How One Quick E-mail Strategy Brought In $5,000 From Dead Leads

Go To www.dankennedy.com/superconference For More Information on SuperConference 2013! In this video you’ll see how to do e-mail marketing the easy way AND how one quick e-mail strategy brought…

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31 thoughts on “E-Mail Marketing Made Easy. How One Quick E-mail Strategy Brought In $5,000 From Dead Leads

  1. Currently watching a rather interesting Email Marketing video presented by
    Dan Kennedy(USA) which he gives you the 7 secrets to email marketing with
    personal insights. I’m learning how to conduct a successful email marketing
    using some of Dan’s email marketing tips

  2. Fantastic advice from Dave Dee. I’ve learnt so much on email marketing from
    following the training provided by GKIC, Dave Dee and Frank Kern. There is
    a true art to email marketing, but as Dave points out in the video, it can
    be distilled into a working process that can churn out income. Many thanks!

  3. “What if you knew how to find the seven secrets of the meteorite that ate
    Russia Bob, and caused Dave Dee to maintain a full mustache as opposed to
    his more closely shaven goatee?” How’s that for a subject line Davo? LOL

  4. We started using VorexaMail for email marketing because their pricing was
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    Contact. We have a plan that allows us to send unlimited emails to 500k
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  5. @DeAngelis Marshall…we use Vertical Response. Check it out. It’s easy to
    use and it’s compatible with Microsoft Dynamic CRM if you have it.

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