16 thoughts on “Austin BBQ

  1. I have tried Rudy’s and it is not that great. It is a beautiful place to
    go, but the time I went the meat was very dry.

  2. Rudy’s has pretty decent brisket. Not so much anything else. I think their
    sausage is totally gross. Turkey not real great (weird seasoning on it),
    ribs are average.

  3. Franklin bbq is king. It’s not just the bbq….they prep it, HOLD IT (which
    is huge), cut it, and sell it better than most. They do it right. There’s
    something to be said about selling out of product every day. And the sides
    are good too!

  4. Thank you Steve, this was highly enjoyable video. Hope to get to Austin to
    try out Franklin BBQ. Other places in Texas. I think the best in the Nation
    is right here in TEXAS!

  5. Rudy’s is ok, very close to where i used to live in rollingwood.

    The best bbq is in driftwood, go to “The Salt Lick”, green mesquite’s
    pulled pork sandwiches are awesome to.
    There is no better bbq imo and i traveled the states eating a lot of bbq.
    Of course that is just my opinion but you should try both, the salt lick
    has the best brisket bar none.

  6. Shut up idiot. My parents are hindus and I eat beef. Stop pushing your
    agenda to other people. Let people do what they want, as long as it doesn’t
    harm others. Thats the point of hinduism. now fuck off

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