What Your Drink Says About Your Politics

You can predict a person’s political party based on what they drink! Laci and Trace tell you about new research that connects alcohol preferences to politics…

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32 thoughts on “What Your Drink Says About Your Politics

  1. i don’t want to destroy my brain cells so i’m politically inactive so i’m
    not the donkey who follow the carrot . that good news.

  2. Lol. Vodka, the liquor of choice along with tequila for liberals. It makes
    SO MUCH sense. Vodka is what the Russians are so known for, and the
    Russians used to be the soviets. The soviets were extreme liberals, or in
    other words, communists. And tequila is Mexican. And liberals absolutely
    adore Mexican dreamers so ’nuff said.

  3. THIS is dead wrong for me. I drink whiskey and beer and am pretty
    progressive and very active. I’m a Democrat in Uath.

  4. the correlation can be biased, because of what republicans prefer, and what
    democrats perfer, based on what others around the

  5. I’d be really interested to see similar studies in other countries. Like is
    the clear vs dark drinks divide flip flopped other places? Pretty

  6. I laughed at the end with the rum/Guinness being in the middle. Those are
    our main drinks (besides some red wine on occasion) and we’re kind of in
    the middle on many things.
    Because face it, extremists for either side are scary.

  7. I am a dirty, filthy socialist that doesn’t drink and supports the 2nd
    Amendment. I would probably skew their data.

  8. what about those who just hate policy all together….I mean I don’t drink
    regularly like once a month lol and I drink larger mostly when I do…guess
    this just doesn’t apply

  9. good try, but the cartoons are very poorly made – no expressions. Also, the
    voice is terrible. You need more practice

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