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Adult Canine Stem Cell Research


Adult Canine Stem Cell Research

Adult canine stem cell research, breaking the silence between ethics and medical breakthroughs

It is indeed a dilemma where the line is drawn on adult canine stem cell research, as it aims to break the silence between ethics and medical breaktroughs.

Arguments and debates have been raised about the propriety and the need to focus on stem cell ethics, now that adult canine stem cells are already being introduced as a treatment procedure for some diseases and illnesses among dogs.

Regardless of the idea that stem cell research is primarily aimed at tapping into the potential benefits of adult canine stem cells on areas of health and medical treatment for dogs, a black cloud still looms over the eventual effects of the process ranging from birth defects to cancer.

The scientific community has recently been hounded by calls for protests and objections to continued research and experimentation, particularly with the embryonic stem cells, which are being isolated from days-old embryos of a variety of living organisms, be it human or animal.

Some of the stem cell lines, which have also raised some eyebrows, are those that have also been developed from animal tissue, apparently on the stage where the living organism is into its eighth week of development or even later.

Recent protests are lobbying for a holistic approach to advancements in science and technology, particularly on maintaining a balance between the technological aspects and being aware of ethical principles in the pursuit of medical breakthroughs.

Advocates in favor of applied stem cell ethics insist that this check and balance process needs to be set-up, in order to maintain certain standards on the limitations of these tests and researches.

Only recently these calls have been heeded by the scientific community after it proposed to impose a series of ethical guidelines that will govern stem cell research and experiments.

The proposed stem cell ethics system, albeit voluntary, will serve as an institutional policy that will apply to all stem cell researches and experiments, whether funded privately or publicly, since it is expected to be governed by federal and state regulations.

Although stem cell research breakthroughs have been showing good progress, but since the process requires deriving the stem cells from embryos and eventually destroying them, multi-sectoral groups have denounced the process.

Stem cell ethics is one way to ensure the public that stem cell research is being conducted in consideration of every possible ethical principle governing life.

Although the scientific community established the ethical guidelines to assuage the public’s fears of a blanket authority over such experiments and studies, political groups opposed to adult canine stem cell research charge that these guidelines is only meant to euphemize a ’seemingly unethical line of research.’

Stem cell research has been one of the most recently celebrated controversies today, which has called for the imposition of a stem cell ethics framework and should consider all possible ethical viewpoints since human life is involved, even while it was still an ‘insignificant’ organism inside the body.

Regardless of whether the research is for human or adult canine stem cell research, pro-life advocates maintain the in general, all living organisms have the right to life and exist.

Truth be told, that even with the difference between human or adult canine stem cell research, breaking the silence between ethics and medical breakthroughs will continue to be a controversy of choice.

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