Sexual intercourse Tape lacks logic along with humor

Sexual intercourse Tape lacks logic along with humor
Random shock humor requires a quick setup followed closely by a well-timed follow-up, aand the editors for this photo do not necessarily understand slapstick humor plainly. Most of the killer jokes seem to have now been replaced and cut with reaction shots edited together so …
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Authenticity And Humor Key To CUTTING RIGHT THROUGH The Clutter
Through the years we've taken some major risks in exactly how we present our brand, although not all have now been successful, we've cultivated an original voice where outlandish and brash humor aren’t just acceptable, but a vital element of our online strategy. There …
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Mama's Kitchen dishes up good humor in daily videos
A Gallatin restaurant is serving up a hearty helping of humor alongside Southern favorites like chicken and dumplings and cobbler. Having a daily number of meat-and-threes, Mama's Kitchen has turned its menu in to a catchy number of videos, posted …
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