Alternative Energy and the Americas

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Stanford R. Ovshinsky has been called “the modern world’s most important energy visionary.” His career has combined path-breaking scientific work, the creati…
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17 thoughts on “Alternative Energy and the Americas

  1. It’s a classic example of being told that they were going to do great
    things with them (use them in the EV1) and then they shelve them! I LOVE
    Stan and Iris Ovshinsky! It’s GM and Chevron that need to get off their
    “assets” and do something with it!

  2. I completely agree with you. And, I’m sorry for the button I pushed. Yes,
    it is better to be able to believe in something. Today I feel better
    because now I also can believe in you. I believe eventually people will
    begin to gradually see the world in their own eyes instead of through eyes
    that tell them what they are seeing. The picture won’t be easy to take, but
    if we believe in each other then we truly will “be the change” we need:
    together. Peace, and respect.

  3. Many scientists who work for these institutions could easily get jobs in
    the private sector. I don’t think you understand what it takes to become a
    scientist and dedicate your life to science. You need to go to college and
    excel at it. Then you need to go 5-7 yr more in a PhD program where you get
    paid less than someone working at McDonalds and you’ll be done by the time
    you’re 28-30 yrs old. Then you must prove yourself against the smartest
    people (others like u) for the rest of ur life.

  4. Proof of your pretending and making things up in your own mind to support
    your beliefs. I most certainly did vote, and with an informed conscience.
    You, on the other hand, are a supporter of the NWO and believe in
    controlling people by any means necessary. You probably even believe the
    Constitution of the United States of America should be abolished since it
    has strong language against that which you have just stated.

  5. I’m skeptical of the motivations behind having the symposium. The
    technology is good, however, it is only solar energy (although those
    batteries are fantastic). I have no problems with Mr. Ovshinsky other than
    he IS BEING USED TO PROMOTE AN AGENDA. The agenda is for a global carbon
    tax when CARBON IS NOT A CONTRIBUTOR to global warming. If you would like
    to be controlled, stay asleep, and continue believing solar is the best
    we’ve got. It is very low on the totem pole. Pay your taxes

  6. Did you somehow realize that forests generate alot of heat, and that
    removing them removes their ability to create it? Personally, I’d rather
    have the forests, because you are correct, they are very large lungs of the
    planet. So are plankton. By the way, did you know that in 2007 the ice caps
    of planet earth were the largest ever in recorded history? Fact. The global
    “cooling” happened, because the sun cooled down. The sun is what was
    causing the warming.

  7. (cont.) American Meteorological Society National Research Council American
    Physical Society US Geological Survey US Dept of Agriculture Scientific
    American Academia Brasileira de Ciéncias,Brazil Académie des Sciences,
    France Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, Italy Russian Academy of Sciences,
    Russia Royal Society of Canada, Canada Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher
    Leopoldina, Germany

  8. Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing His work on energy and the environment
    has particular significance for the Americas.

  9. They’re not “my” facts. they’re the facts and conclusions of some of the
    most renowned and prestigious organizations in the world. …and you got?
    As far as the “American people” go, they just elected a President that is
    fully on board with the IPCC’s conclusions.

  10. Irregardless of your “skepticism”; the fact is, if any scientist could
    prove that anthropogenic (man-made) global warming wasn’t valid he/she
    would proclaimed a hero and be given more funding than he knew what to do
    with. To this point, no one has been able to make the case.

  11. It’s amazing what ideological bias will do to otherwise sensible people.
    Here’s a man who invented PV technology that has saved megawatts of energy,
    battery technology that’s in use in hybrid cars on the road today, and
    more. Yet, instead of listening, people are “skeptical” and “object”
    because of predetermined decisions they’ve made about global warming. Tell
    us: what have you done for humanity in comparison? What have your sources
    accomplished that makes them more credible than Mr. Ovshinsky?

  12. Nope. Open your eyes, and do your own research. Start with a search on….
    Statement on Global Warming Petition Signed by 31,478 Scientists That
    should enlighten you as to your erroneous assertions about global warming.
    Afterwards you can exchange that “cap and trade” carbon tax that goes along
    with it for a sucker. Lick it, and stick it to your forehead.

  13. At 28:47 in the video I’m skeptical of the motivations of this video. He
    says Al Gore deserved his Nobel prize when all evidence proves the science
    used in his study was erroneous and sometimes outright fraudulent. The
    solution provided so far is nothing more than solar energy. A good
    solution, but emphasis is on “Manmade Global Warming” which does not exist.
    I suspect this is a public relations campaign for a global carbon tax to be
    paid directly to the world bank by everyone on the planet.

  14. Climate change and atomic warfare compared in one sentence, OMG! better
    than hollywood action films. Man cannot stop the sun heating, we are but
    ants in comparison.

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