Diabetes Effects on Body Animation 3D

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Top info for diabetes effects on the body Medical Video Title: Diabetes Effects on Body Animation 3D Channel: Endocrinology.

24 thoughts on “Diabetes Effects on Body Animation 3D

  1. Patients with high blood sugar will typically experience polyuria (frequent
    urination), they will become increasingly thirsty (polydipsia) and hungry
    (polyphagia). Drink White Mulberry to Regulate Blood Sugar Levels

  2. this video helped me alot, i was just recently diagnosed with type 1
    diabetes and before i got diagnosed, i had all of those symptoms. thank you
    very much for making this video! now i know alittle bit more on how to
    treat my diabetes!

  3. This was interesting and helpful Diabetes, diabetes supplement, diabetes
    mellitus, pre diabetes, diabetes diet, diabetes treatment,

  4. Type 2 is ONLY progressive if you don’t take extremely good care and go
    VERY low carb diet. I was dx’ed 11 years ago but now my HBA1C is well
    within the normal range (4.5%). Its considered progressive because 99% of
    T2 diabetics either won’t take care or they THINK they are by listening to
    their moron Drs and eating so-called “healthy” carbs like whole grains,
    etc. American Drs are idiots.

  5. Nicely done vide – unfortunately with a wrong perception. If you take a
    look insinde a biochemistry of nutrition book you will find, that
    carbohydrtes are the only macro-nutient (lipids, proteins, carbohydrates)
    that is not essential. This is the major reason for the body to produce
    insulin, since high glucose level have a desatrous effect on the rheology
    of the blood and the chemical processes inside the cell. (nonencymatic
    glyolysation) This is what the doc detects, when measuring hba1c.

  6. i MHz 3 W Ultrasound clears all diabetes in 30 seconds. When applied to
    lower right of the chest, 

  7. Do you need to have urination to have diabetes, just asking because I’m
    feeling very tired a lot and I’m a bit worried if I have type 1 diabetes

  8. This is one of the best explanations I have found to date! Helped me get
    through my EMT Viva. I have shared this as much as I can with up and coming

  9. It’s an excellent video and graphic! Appreciate the work!!! Only one
    information provided in the video needs to be corrected. Carbohydrates are
    never broken down in stomach part of digestive system. Some carbohydrate
    digestion may begin in mouth by salivary amylase but most of the
    carbohydrate digestion occurs in small intestine. Thank you again for the

  10. Great video…in Nursing school and always find it very helpful to know the
    disease process better when I understand the story behind the disease.

  11. This is, by far, one of the best videos I’ve seen since being told I am
    insulin resistant. The only thing I’m wondering is why the video only
    mentions people whose glucose rises. I seem to be more hypo-hypoglycemic,
    and my sugar goes down, In any event, thanks for the video. 

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