Tibetan Healing Sounds #1 -11 hours – Tibetan bowls for meditation, relaxation, calming, healing

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20 thoughts on “Tibetan Healing Sounds #1 -11 hours – Tibetan bowls for meditation, relaxation, calming, healing

  1. Space… the final frontier…these are the voyages of the conscious star
    trek enterprise…. to seek inwardly to inner dimensions…. to explore
    strange new worlds… to boldly go where no man has gone before. 

  2. I’ve tried listening to this at work, but this makes the stress worse. I
    want to listen to it but everyone is so loud. SERENITY NOW!!!

  3. +MoJo7Crow I don’t understand people like you that lie and create drama for
    no good reason just enjoy the sounds man!

  4. I’m going through a very difficult long distance relationship at the
    moment, I came to youtube searching a calming influence. I found it right
    here. Thank you Yogayak for taking the time to put this out to the world x 

  5. this is helping my chronic insomnia and that it plays beyond 8 hours is
    really helpful. most lately i didn’t sleep a wink for 9 days, of course,
    when this happens there is the occasional nod but it only lasts a minute or
    two. this may save my life a while longer, for sure! funny how sound can
    absorb racing thoughts and transcend them ~amazing really. eternal thanks
    ~most grateful.

  6. And for those of you who are not well because of unholiness of your own
    societies I have natural remedy.
    Sickness does not exist it is state of energy flow trough your body and
    state of your own mind.
    There are shorter versions of this Tibetan healing method.
    And don’t forget from time to time to repeat mantra and sound of our Sun
    “om” which NASA recently found. You can listen to this sounds if you are
    in sleep

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