3 hours of Meditation Music | Yoga Music

Over 3 hours of meditation music and music for yoga. Very peaceful and tranquil music for meditation or just chillout and relax for a few hours. If you like …
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This is a blissful amazing meditation it activates the pineal gland and boost some dopamine. Get your free Harmonics at: http://goo.gl/c6JfcR in the brain yo…

43 thoughts on “3 hours of Meditation Music | Yoga Music

  1. It’s blissful to listen to in the background, e.g. while studying or to
    relieve tiredness. The 211 dislikes were probably people who dozed off, I
    used to hate classical and mediation music but it has a pleasant
    subconscious effect.

  2. Listened to this today whilst receiving an energy session from my
    #EMFBalancing Teacher Peggy Phoenix Dubro today – some beautiful music to
    listen to while you meditate or surf online.

  3. Thanks For This Blend Of Pure Delight!! <3 I've Been Listening To This
    While Doing My Ballet Stretches/Yoga/Pilates!! Love The Uplifting Feeling
    That Come From This!! ;)

  4. I use this to continue to learn how to channel my chakra. It is extremely
    helpful. I learned how to do it a long time ago but thos helps to focus.
    I’ve healed people with my gift and I want to learn how to refine it even

  5. thanks this works, I created an imax screen in my basement and project
    space scenes on the screen as if you were traveling thru space , incence
    burning I plugged this into the sound system and sat in my bean bag and was
    knocked out for most of the vid

  6. So peaceful. Yes, I do have a slight headache , but well worth it! Thank
    you for posting, I have subscribed. Peace,Love and Light to all.

  7. great video, the sounds are beautiful. Didn’t get the headache, but I
    listen to a lot of these. Ended with feelings of peace, clear headed-ness
    and calm.

  8. But besides what one feels when actually listening to this (and it is
    pleasant) what are the rewards or benefits of watching it every day? Is
    there an accumulative effect or is the pleasure confined to just the time
    that you are actually listening to the video? I’m looking for something
    that gives noticeable positive changes the more and more I listen to it.

  9. wow that was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. I am a ball of
    glowing brilliant light. -floating, heart centered. 

  10. Great video – thank you for sharing with all of us. Namaste for your
    offering to the world. To all listeners and viewers, Please Try Meditation
    and Healing Tones before Medication and research other natural treatments
    and cures always for your children. 

  11. I didn’t get a headache the first time I listened to this but maybe that’s
    because I already had one and I am doing other things while I just let the
    sounds run in the background. Listening to this actually took the headache
    away, is making me feel more relaxed, less stressed and a little less
    Nice! Thank you for sharing!

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