Arizona Student With Special Needs Avoids Bullies With Protection Of Football Team

Arizona Student With Special Needs Avoids Bullies With Protection Of Football Team

Queen Creek High School Football Players Protect Chy Johnson Arizona student with special needs avoids bullies with protection of football team Bullied teen …

Kevin Grow a special needs student with down syndrome makes 4 three point baskets in under 2 minutes to finish out his senior year. Great job Kevin you are l…

38 thoughts on “Arizona Student With Special Needs Avoids Bullies With Protection Of Football Team

  1. You have got to watch this. When I was in high school I remember most of
    the bully’s being the athletes. Awesome how times change isn’t it?

  2. I’m not American. I’m from the part of the world where we are grown-up and
    don’t bully. I’m from the part of the world where it’s normal to help the
    people around us.

  3. True that, ofcourse there are bullies everywhere, also where I’m from
    (Amsterdam, the Netherlands). But my point is, that in America every little
    thing somebody does instantly becomes an item on the news. And especially
    with that American taste to is (national anthem everywheren, the flying
    eagle and of course mentioning the o so brave soldiers who fight for our
    oil everyday, WHOOAH!) I’m just getting sick of the Americans thinking
    they’re so good, so perfect and own the world.

  4. I have lived in all corners of the globe from the Americas to Europe and
    Africa. You are full of shit. Bullies and people not standing up to them
    are everywhere. Most countries are worst than the Southwestern US. I’ve
    seen people beat up in the streets of Kenya, a kid hospitalized in Austria
    because he was different and numerous instances in South America and the
    Caribbean. In the US I’ve seen exactly what happened to her: an empty cup
    thrown. Which would you rather have?

  5. i know how she feels. but in my school, the football teamed ganged up on me
    and was part of the bullying. i had 1 person who stood up for me but when
    he moved away bullying got worse. i know what she’s been through

  6. Lga post you are a scum bag. Americans like you for years have been turning
    a blind eye to things that dont effect or more likely scare you so when
    people do great things and stand out you want to down play it

  7. Welcome to America, where acting normal and grown-up is seen as a act of
    courage and where we should make everybody in to a hero, so our brainwashed
    viewers will believe that the great US of A is filled with great people! 😀

  8. Awesome…good sportsmanship no matter if they were up by a lot. It’s
    awesome that Kevin got to have such a great finish to his senior year.

  9. … i dont know whether to feel bad or good. its unfair to everyone else…
    but good that he gets a chance? ugh why cant we just be equal. 

  10. Its videos like this that make you have hope for todays kids. What a great
    thing to do for this young man by both teams and teammates. 

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