Toronto’s reaction to Canada vs Sweden Men’s Hockey Gold Medal goal Sochi 2014

City of Toronto’s reaction to winning the Gold Medal game. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected].
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22 thoughts on “Toronto’s reaction to Canada vs Sweden Men’s Hockey Gold Medal goal Sochi 2014

  1. yeah! sidney crosby is a great canadian hero! oh wait, nhl resumes, so
    back to hating him! sidney crosby is a cry baby! canucks seem to be so
    confused about their loyalties.

  2. Congatulations Team Canada, they deserved it,but this whole Canada – USA
    rivalry is ridiculous. Canada is the best in hockey no one can deny that,
    but it seems like they carry the attitude of i told you so everytime they
    beat the US. Let’s not forget up until the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City
    Canada hadn’t won Olympic gold in 50 years( Oslo 1952). That’s a pretty
    long drought for such a hockey dynasty. Anyways just saying. Good game but
    surprised at Sweden not scoring anything.

  3. Hey Balls Deep go fuck yourself you inbred hick. Canada has the gold medal!
    Suck on that and there more Canadians than Americans on the Leafs moron!
    Get your facts straight I know you are such a worthless sack of shit but at
    least try. Last time I checked Alabama, Georgia, are inbred themselves. Any
    country that praises Here Comes Honey Boo Boo should just shut up..

  4. Hey Toronto faggots your entire nhl team is American and you all claim to
    be American and your mayor is a crack head I am ashamed to see you wear the
    maple leaf fucking inbreds

  5. One of my buddies here in the US is from Winnipeg, he called in sick to all
    of our classes and flew home just before the Hockey started in Sochi.. I
    dont think he will be back till the end of the
    Congradulations Canada! well deserved Gold medal!

  6. Canadians winning at hockey is like Americans winning at
    basketball….these sports don’t matter on an international level…I mean
    I enjoy watching the NHL and the NBA,but in international competitions
    these 2 sports don’t matter . Even a swimming competition matters more than
    these 2 . The only event that brings the entire planet together is THE FIFA

  7. Wow what a racist attitude.. Obviously you’re mistaken. Toronto is known
    for its cultural diversity. Please for the sake of the world EDUCATE

  8. Congratulations to all Canadians from Russia! It is the example when the
    strongest wins but not the luckiest one! In Russia, traditionally, locals
    support anybody who rivals with our eternal competitor! But nothing except
    sincere congratulations!!!

  9. Congratulations to you Canada, you were best in hockey on this games and
    you won in fairplay (not like Usa in game with Russia)! So sad our teams
    did not met in final, I was waiting for this so much… Greetings from

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