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In this episode of the On the Job series, Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Dr. Energy Saver, walks us through the many ways they made a typical cape house more energy efficient.

This cape had poor attic insulation and serious air leakage, which increased the homeowner’s energy bills and caused serious ice damming problems during the winter. As the snow melted on the roof, a ridge of ice forced trapped water to leak into the house. The water damage to the attic and living area raised health and mold concerns. The problem was so significant that during an especially heavy winter storm in the previous year, the homeowner had to climb on the roof and manually break the large ice ridges to keep water from pouring down his kitchen cabinets.

To fix this problem, Dr. Energy Saver completely air sealed the attic to keep heated air in the living space from leaking into the attic. The bathroom fans that were venting into the attic were fitted with ducts to vent to the outside, thus preventing all the air and moisture from leaking into the attic space.

Cape style homes like this one usually have a knee wall space. It is a small space created at the angle between the roof and the floor. A knee wall is usually a big source of energy waste. So the next step was to insulate and air seal the knee wall using a special type of rigid foam board insulation called SilverGlo™, which is lined with a radiant barrier to help conserve heat.

The last step was to insulate the attic, which was originally insulated with a thin layer of fiberglass batt insulation, which measures way below the R-60 value recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy for attics in that region. Besides having insufficient R-Value, fiberglass insulation does not stop air flow.

To insulate this attic, Dr. Energy Saver chose TruSoft™ cellulose insulation. Cellulose insulation is basically recycled newspaper that’s treated with borax to prevent pest infestation and mold growth, and fire retardants which give the material an excellent fire safety rating. Cellulose insulation is denser than blown fiberglass and has a higher R-Value of 3.7 per inch. A layer of 17 inches was blown into the attic, with special attention to rafter bays and small cavities created by typical cape style architectural features.

This cape is now ready for winter. The homeowner has a more comfortable house, and his energy bills are much lower. To learn more about ways to save energy in your home, stay tuned for more episodes of Dr. Energy Saver’s On The Job series, or call one of our certified energy conservation technicians for a home energy audit!
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Vinyl Banner as a strong Marketing Tool

Vinyl Banner as a strong Marketing Tool

With the various advantages contributed available in the market banners was viewed as a powerful marketing tool. So that as of peoples choice as well as since the demands available in the market these vinyl banners was an invaluable tool for product campaign and for event announcement.

Why is vinyl banner distinctive from other campaign materials?
Well taking this into account vinyl banners are made and printed only through the greatest quality materials and groundbreaking printing equipments. TThey can be designed based on customers specification or let the remarkable company do the job for them even.
Banner Printing Processes
The production of printed vinyl banners can be achieved using different printing processes.

One of many key processes to create a good banner is through custom banner printing. Custom vinyl banner printing calculates to produce unique design prints for the banners. This printing process is helpful particularly to businesses who desires produce a unique presentation as well as as for people who wants to be noticeable among all of their competitors.

Digital printing in this method vinyl banners are printed utilizing the 4 color digitally printed photographic indoor and outdoor banners. With this specific method you are able to decide to produce different banners of any size, color and any designs. This application can set yourself besides your competition merely.

Additionally included in the printing process this vinyl banners can be developed for indoor and outdoor use. With the effective use of large format printing you are able to bring into life your poster banner prints. Sequentially they could be had by you printed with number of quality materials such as for instance papers, backlit media, out door vinyl and a whole lot more. With the digital printing equipment placed on it without a doubt your material shall shine out.

With different printing processes mentioned without a doubt it is possible to generate the specified design and print for the material.

However before carefully deciding to where you should render your printing projects you need to rightfully opt for the organization who has got the power to perform your printing jobs. Though there are numerous commercial printers offering vinyl banner printing services not totally all of them provides the service that you’re aiming for. Remember in just about any material presented available in the market quality should be foreseen first.

Tips And Strategies IN TERMS OF Nutrition (3)

Strategies and tips IN TERMS OF Nutrition

Nutrition is just a very important element of health. That which you eat everyday affects all of one’s being, and physically mentally. Should you want to look your absolute best and feel your absolute best, understand what your system has to achieve maximum health. Read this informative article for many useful suggestions about nutrition.

Although eating is just a very social part of being fully a human it is necessary that you attempt to change this in your head somewhat. Obviously special occasions could be the exception, bday to day life you should see food as fuel and not as entertainment or comfort but in your.
Try adding calcium to your daily listing of items to eat or vitamins. Calcium advances the mass and strength of one’s bones. This may permit you to run and faster and certainly will cause you being less fatigued longer. You will get calcium by drinking milk or eating cheese simply.

Nutritionists advise us against eating processed food items highly, and we have to tune in to them. Nevertheless when we go right to the grocery store, the shelves consist of packaged foods. They are easy and quick to organize. But we must prevent them. Cooking from scratch takes care of in the end.

Of the afternoon the main meal, breakfast provides you with the vitality and motivation needed seriously to lose weight. Breakfast foods retain the carbohydrates, vitamins, and healthy sugars that everyone has to function effectively and slim down. Without breakfast, many individuals will discover themselves overeating later in the afternoon. So, skip breakfast never; later that day it’s going to haunt you.

Though it really is true that carbs develop into sugar even, it’s not best if you cut them from your own diet as a whole. Your system needs these extra sugars to produce energy, so having not enough carbs would cause a decline in your overall degree of energy.

To have personalized advice about eating a healtier diet for the particular circumstances, search for a registered dietitian. These medical experts can give you advice on eating well and having the proper nutrition for the individual needs. You will be helped by them to plan meals around food allergies, taste preferences, and health problems.

Good nutrition starts in the home. In the event that you teach young kids just how to eat and introduce them to healthy foodstuffs early properly, they’ll certainly be prone to develop enjoying a greater variety of healthy foodstuffs. Proper nutrition also contributes to better food choices in the end and less danger of obesity.

Finding a healthier diet just isn’t always as easy as choosing the lower fat or no fat version of one’s favorite foods. These food types have no devote your daily diet sometimes. Other times, these food types compensate for zero fat with additional salt or sugar that might ultimately transform into fat as soon as your body cannot put it to use.

It’s not difficult to ensure that you obtain the appropriate nutrition for the body. A whole lot has been written with this subject, and the data in this essay is really a sample. Spend some right amount of time in researching proper nutrition and try many of these suggestions. You shall feel more active in tackling the challenges that you face everyday.

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